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But it is

Settled Science!

Close to a tacit admission that the “food pyramid” was based on something other than science.  Ever wonder why the Atkins or South Beach diets appear to work? 20 more words


So good,

it’s bad.  Although the idea that “…bad for people and bad for the Earth. We know this.” is unmitigated BS.

The part about expansion, though, is good stuff.


My two favorite things

are all of sudden not bad for you.  At least according to new research which upsets the “settled science“.

Bacon and eggs. 7 more words


The sheer idiocy

is astounding.  At least there are some adults.

BTW, BPA is the monomer used to produce polycarbonates.


Hold them responsible

I think we should starve the luddites as they starve the worlds poor.  After blinding them.

Because then, maybe, they could experience what they visit on others.


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Earth to Cleveland Clinic: under no circumstances is a bowl of oatmeal (even one as photogenic as this one featured on your Twitter feed) a… 1,939 more words

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