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News - "Bar Offers Free Beer Until Green Bay Packers Score, Team Gets Shut Out"

foodbeast.comA Milwaukee bar has fumbled a promotion they did to get people in to their place to watch the Green Bay Packers play. Now, they’re giving away free beer for the entire week as a result. 121 more words


News - "Creating the bite-sized foods of "Tiny Kitchen""

cbsnews.com – From tiny little stove to tiny little plate, finger food of a special sort has captured the fancy of Anna Werner:

If you’re hungry, how about a little lasagna, a little sushi, a little pumpkin pie? 316 more words


News - "2018 Cereal Preview: Peach Cheerios, Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes, & Shreds (x2!)"

cerealously.net – The future is now!

Scientists have apparently perfected time travel…but only a couple months into the future…and, uh, they apparently can only bring back cereal: not any lottery numbers, sports almanacs, or whatever cryptocurrency is most valuable at the time (CrunchCoin?). 234 more words


News -"'The Bad Food Bible' Says Your Eating Might Not Be So Sinful After All"

npr.orgIt’s the season of sinful eating. In just four days we’ll be piling our Thanksgiving plates high with buttery mashed potatoes and MSG-laden turkey. 205 more words


News - "Usain Bolt Has New Gig As CEO Of Maison Mumm Champagne"

foodbeast.comWhen superstar athletes decide to retire, the question is often, “So, what’s next?” For Usain Bolt, it’s a run straight to the boardroom as Chief Entertainment Officer of Maison Mumm, makers of G.H. 103 more words


News - "Carl's Jr. Owner Wants To Buy Buffalo Wild Wings For $2.3 Billion"

foodbeast.comRestaurant investment mogul Roark Capital, who owns major chains like Carl’s Jr. and Arby’s, is looking to buy Buffalo Wild Wings to add another big restaurant player to its arsenal. 270 more words