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Courgette noodles the verdict and some of the unusual symptoms from digestive diseases.

Tonight for dinner I had a very large plate of salmon, chicken, veg and courgette noodles all in a tomato sauce. Now most of you probably know about the hype surrounding courgette noodles and how they are replacing pasta in dishes such as spaghetti bolognese, so I thought I would try them out after finding a reduced pot of pre made ‘noodles’ in Tesco. 958 more words

My day in food....

Good evening my lovelies, I thought I would share with you tonight my day in food, just to show an example of the sort of things I eat throughout the space of one day. 808 more words

Lunch today... Filling warm salad

Here’s an example of the sort of delicious meals that can come from that big fruit and veg shop I did earlier. This is a hearty and filling warm salad to fill Me up before work. 40 more words

Lunch 😊🍛

Looking forward to my lunch today, and I’ve already been stopped by several colleagues looking for a taste of the pasta!!

Been really busy, but still full of energy and motivation. 33 more words

Slimming World

Day 3 and all good here so far 👍

Today has been a good day. Work was crazy, which I knew was going to be the case, so I’m glad I prepared and didn’t end up raiding the biscuit tin 😁. 354 more words

Slimming World

Coffee and digestive issues, good or bad?

When suffering from digestive problems it can often be hard to stay away from your favourite things. Much of the focus is put on what foods you should and shouldn’t eat but what about drinks? 493 more words

Chez TJ, Mountain View, California

Joe and I had a phenomenal dinner at Chez TJ, celebrating our 5 year anniversary. This cute little contemporary French restaurant is in a beautiful Victorian style home in Mountain View, California. 387 more words

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