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I've quit sugar (week one)

Well this has been a mini roller coaster of a week! I’m now on day seven of quitting sugar and only today am I actually able to focus and concentrate to write this. 679 more words


Saturday Recipe Share

My Food This Week

Being ill over Christmas, I have indulged this week instead.

So, now you’re all either hungry, drooling or have stopped reading… … 473 more words

Weight Loss

30 days off the white stuff

January 2nd I’m going for it. I’m quitting sugar for 30 days. I’ve been umming and aahing about being sugar free for a while now. I was umming about it more over Christmas while sitting shoving my gob full of every chocolate bar or box I had in the house. 604 more words


Great Food, Great Drinks At Dublin ONeils (Cool Pub setting)

Dublin ONeil’s in Downtown Champaign is a regular stop for Sandy and I. We love the downtown area and a good pub is just a go to place for us always. 229 more words


More ramen!

Like I said I’ll try to keep to up my ramen theme.. for how long? Maybe a month? I dunno :) so I went to a local joint out here in Rancho Cucamonga, ca. 266 more words


Food Thoughts....

So as the days have been getting colder and I’ve been busier – it seems easier to cook huge portions of pasta, or stick a pizza in the oven then think about how I should be eating more green veg or more protein. 189 more words