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Recipe: Apple-Walnut Quick Bread

I’ve made quick breads in so many variations: mostly banana, but also blueberry and cherry oat. This time, armed with two bags of apples from our annual visit to an upstate orchard, I decided on apple-walnut bread with a coffee cake streusel topping; I used Ovenly’s salted apple bread recipe as a guide, with several tweaks to make it a little sweeter, softer, and nuttier. 298 more words


Sweet Potato Brûlée

So I’m having my mom over for dinner today and along with my famous rotisserie chicken, I wanted to create a new side dish.  Since Spence turned my mom onto sweet potatoes, she’s become a huge fan (as have I) and I came up with this idea.   180 more words


FoodoGraphy (Food Photography)

Everybody loves clicking & watching good pictures. Now a days many things depends on how you visualize the product. And when it comes to food your picture should be as yummy as the food itself! 272 more words


I Got Over Post Festival, Getting Old Blues By Cooking Spag-Bol

So a few days ago I turned the ripe old age of 28.  As is expected under these circumstances, the last week or so has been a smorgasbord of reflection and self-loathing, with a light smattering of pre-30s panic.   699 more words


Recipe: Coffee Cheesecake

A few weeks ago I really wanted to make a coffee cheesecake, but every recipe I came across called for coffee liquor, which I didn’t want to use.  534 more words


Asda: Online grocery shop

My previous experience of Asda has always been a game of two halves, firstly I love their products but secondly their online payment method always went wrong! 446 more words

Weight Loss

A Photo a Week Challenge: Chocolate

I know very few people who don’t love chocolate. There is a chance it is the most consumed food on the entire planet (okay, maybe second after rice). 175 more words