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Kill the Bill over scrumptious Food and Drinks!!

Wohoo!! Shout to this newly opened place in the heart of Delhi.
So, I was near to this place with my friends when we thought to give this a try, since we have heard a lot about this place. 339 more words

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Google Photo Album from Yesterday


I love how Google Assistant creates photo albums and use those photo albums for sharing a bunch of my photos at once. All of these are unedited.

Day 4

My husband’s job kept him away for most of the day and when he finally made it home we decided to just have a dinner out and come home. 89 more words

Day Two

Didn’t really take pictures of the season today, I did take some food pics though.

My food photography needs some work…

Are You a Foodie? No, an Instagram Foodie.

A fine china cup of creamy and foamy caramel Cappuccino secretly fills the whole room with the irresistible and addictive aroma; thin but greasy and smoky bacon lie in a natural marble designed plate with some milky scrambled eggs dressing in the center; beside, is a spongey and flaky croissant shining with buttery gleam……”Gurgle, gurgle” went my stomach, as I browsed food accounts on Instagram. 317 more words

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Fall and Comfort Food

I must admit, I am one of those crazy autumn lovers. It is currently in the 80s here in our part of North Carolina, but I fully plan on dragging my butt out of bed early tomorrow to hit the Farmer’s Market and see if they have pumpkins for the porch. 128 more words