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Love Me Some Spaghetti: "Good Taste" by Michelle Holland

by Michelle Holland

“This isn’t spaghetti,” my daughter says loudly to the waiter who is pouring the first taste of a fifty-dollar bottle of wine for our host. 698 more words

Poetry Friday

The Taste of Love

The Taste of Love

If love were a savor, a flavor or a taste,
a sauce or certain gravy, a marinade or paste,
Cupid could write a menu and we could order in… 114 more words

Squash Blossom: Flower (and Poem) of the Day, Dec 7, 2017

Squash Blossom

Hard to herd and hard to wrangle,
growing in a clustered tangle
here beside my kitchen stoop,
good as fritters or in soup. 58 more words

Food Poem by Jim Daniels

This poem is not directly about food. The imagery of two siblings over a kitchen sink surrounded by leftovers makes me smile. Maybe you will too. 129 more words

Food Poem

poetry friday roundup: coffee and donuts edition

“To find inner peace, search deep inside yourself. Is there a donut there? If not, take corrective action.” ~ Anonymous

When the going gets tough, the tough eat donuts — … 599 more words

Poetry Friday

to picnic or not to picnic?

“If ants are such busy workers, how come they find time to go to all the picnics?” ~ Marie Dressler

What a nice day for a picnic! 956 more words

Poetry Friday

Breakfast at Max and Louieā€™s

Egg yolk glimmers on the edge of his lip,

Indistinguishable from a dollop of mucus

Or signs of an overactive sweat gland.

My own mouth twitches as if to flick the food off- 83 more words

Katie Kistler