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friday feast: sweets for the sweet, or, why marie antoinette licks the spoon

Slip into your silks and satins, your high powdered poufs, your diamonds and tulle. Rouge your cheeks, flutter your fans. Today, a deliciously decadent slice of… 906 more words

Poetry Friday

The Kitchen

What are these stainless steel pots to me, these copper pans?  This cast-iron, this aluminum?  What is the whisk to me, the wooden spoon, the knife?  315 more words

grape tomatoes and goat cheese


just these,
please. and maybe
some arugulalala,
and a gentle sprinkle
of candied


Poem of the Day

Kitchen help
by Jenny Erlanger


There’s beetroot on the ceiling,

down the walls and on the floor.

The dressing’s leaving patterns

that I’ve never seen before. 50 more words

Poem Of The Day

Food Poem - Short-Order Cook by Jim Daniels

An average joe comes in and orders thirty cheeseburgers and thirty fries. I wait for him to pay before I start cooking.

He pays.
He ain’t no average joe. 170 more words

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