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during the meal of his life
she brought out dessert early
between French onion soup
and shrimp cocktail
huge Alaskan prawn dripping
in garlic butter and… 28 more words


The Juice of an Orange

Drips down her hand.
Bitter barrier peeled
Off flesh in chunks. 
Exposed sweet flesh
Shared with her mouth.
Teeth rip the pulpy meat.
The juice of an orange
Drips down her chin.

Haiku And Other Short Poems

Green Brownies

Green Brownies

(This poem evolved from notes that I scribbled into the margin
of our Mexican Train score sheet while visiting my friend Gloria.)

Green Brownies… 254 more words

The Food

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I want to post something today that’s food related because I really can’t get corned beef, potatoes, and soda bread off my mind. 342 more words

Creative Writing

Faith Shearin's "A Few Things I Ate" (+ a recipe!)

Lucky me, poet friend and kindred spirit Andrea Potos had the Poetry East Spring 2017 Food Issue sent to me shortly after it came out last year. 1,538 more words

Poetry Friday

Love Me Some Spaghetti: "Good Taste" by Michelle Holland

by Michelle Holland

“This isn’t spaghetti,” my daughter says loudly to the waiter who is pouring the first taste of a fifty-dollar bottle of wine for our host. 698 more words

Poetry Friday

The Taste of Love

The Taste of Love

If love were a savor, a flavor or a taste,
a sauce or certain gravy, a marinade or paste,
Cupid could write a menu and we could order in… 114 more words