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Poem of the Day


What has my tummy got inside?

I often sit and wonder.

(Sometimes it makes the strangest noise,

like very angry thunder.)

Now, what did I eat for breakfast? 101 more words

Poem Of The Day

Poem of the Day

The Night The Kids Cooked Dinner

The children in the rural town Lower Upper Dresher,

had joined the craze of cooking shows where cooks cooked under pressure. 897 more words

Poem Of The Day


By Mike O’Connell 

in the night
cloistered in the cold
secured in a styrofoam tomb
my nachos became
a single thing
a gluttonous mass… 90 more words


lost in thought
winding spaghetti around my fork

it falls off
you across the table
bathing in your wine

I begin again




munching on frank o'hara's "lines for the fortune cookies"

“It may be that poetry makes life’s nebulous events tangible to me and restores their detail; or conversely, that poetry brings forth the intangible quality of incidents which are all too concrete and circumstantial. 892 more words

Poetry - Was This Just Apple Pie?

A free verse poetry, “Was This Just Apple Pie?”

A humorous little ditty about apple pie. We grow up with favorite foods, the familiarity of SWEET scents, and happiness that mothers create. 539 more words

Urban Poetry

Poem of the Day

Sunday Dinner

My Nan grew up in wartime

And thought nothing goes to waste

And sometimes Sunday dinner

Wasn’t really to my taste

I loved to go to her house… 191 more words

Poem Of The Day