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to picnic or not to picnic?

“If ants are such busy workers, how come they find time to go to all the picnics?” ~ Marie Dressler

What a nice day for a picnic! 956 more words

Poetry Friday

Breakfast at Max and Louie’s

Egg yolk glimmers on the edge of his lip,

Indistinguishable from a dollop of mucus

Or signs of an overactive sweat gland.

My own mouth twitches as if to flick the food off- 83 more words

Katie Kistler



I have given up on oatmeal, overdosed on kale.
All these faddish food taboos have gone beyond the pale.
I do not count my calories, my glutens or my carbs. 301 more words

Poetry Friday: Yummy!

A few years back, in honor of National Poetry Month, the blog “Food 52” posted links to 17 of their favorite poems about food. Those of you who know that I loathe cooking may wonder why I follow this blog, but the answer is simple: I adore reading their description of food, looking at the mouth-watering photos, and ogling over the many ways food can be saved, stored, and repurposed. 21 more words

Writing Challenges

Poem of the Day


Butcher Bob from Iron Knob was known throughout the land

for cooking food that tasted good, with produce fresh at hand

Now, Bob he strove to get his stove to turn out something new… 108 more words

Poem Of The Day

Poem of the Day


What has my tummy got inside?

I often sit and wonder.

(Sometimes it makes the strangest noise,

like very angry thunder.)

Now, what did I eat for breakfast? 101 more words

Poem Of The Day

Poem of the Day

The Night The Kids Cooked Dinner

The children in the rural town Lower Upper Dresher,

had joined the craze of cooking shows where cooks cooked under pressure. 897 more words

Poem Of The Day