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Food and the City

It’s an exciting time for food in Halifax.  In recent years, Halifax has joined the long list of Canadian cities that are engaging with food security and community food project. 525 more words

Food Policy

The Tower of Label: What We Do Know

This is a somewhat delayed post, and I almost did not write it, but then it sort of kept going around in my mind and I just had to put it down. 946 more words

Food Policy

What’s happening with the Washington Metro Food System?

Sheila Crye
Young Chefs, Inc.

The National Capital area is home to more than 6.52 million socioeconomically and culturally diverse people. Urban areas are surrounded by a rich agricultural community that comprises 28 percent of the region’s land mass and contributes about $1 billion per year to its economy. 716 more words

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TTIP part 2: Food Matters

Last week I wrote about Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and some of the risks and threats that it poses to our democracy, social rights, and consumer sovereignty. 860 more words

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Recipe for a National Food Policy

 Recently, The Washington Post featured a piece calling for a national food policy. It started off with the statement that food impacts every sector of the economy and the lives of every person in the country and therefore it is essential that it be regulated by a national policy. 974 more words

The Problem With Solutions to "Feed the World"

It seems like everywhere on social media there are pieces on meetings and  conferences to discuss the challenge of “feeding the world”. There are lots of… 472 more words

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It's World Food Day Again!

In celebration of World Food Day, I thought I’d share a wonderful Nat Geo “What The World Eats” graphic.

Built as part of Nat Geo’s… 114 more words