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Why is it so hard to talk about food policy?

When I meet someone I don’t know, I am often asked, “What do you do?” Responding that I work on food policy usually gets me a puzzled look or a quick change in topic. 624 more words

Food Policy

Stories from 4 years of food systems work

We recently released this report profiling stories from the Our Food Project 2013-2017. Here are some highlights!

Timeline of garden and program growth from the HUGS garden at Bayers Westwood Family Resource Centre: 76 more words


What is a sustainable diet?

We often hear messages about healthy eating to support a healthy, active lifestyle, such as limiting sugar and salt and eating enough vegetables and fruits. 648 more words

Building a Food Policy for Canada Together: Summit Summary

The Government of Canada (GoC) brought together 300 members from a variety of sectors including civil society, not-for-profit, academia, industry, the civil service and ministerial staff for a 1.5 day summit to consult on the proposed Food Policy for Canada, June 22-23rd 2017 in Ottawa. 631 more words

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A Food Policy for Canada: Reasons for (Cautious) Optimism

Halfway through its first term, the federal government has begun to develop a national food policy for Canada, including launching online consultations with Canadians and hosting a summit with stakeholders. 659 more words

Food Policy