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How about a Sustainability Challenge?

This Earth Day, as in previous years, we’re likely to get a lot of feel-good advice about how to tackle our current environmental crisis: Recycle! Reuse your gray water! 583 more words


Educated Decisions: GMOs and Diet Research

I wish I got CEUs for listening to Nutrition Diva’s podcast.  Anyway, I’m still on my GMO research kick and basically this article from the Genetic Literacy Project assuaged some of my concerns regarding GMOs and produce.  299 more words

The Latest “Round Up” on Glyphosate and You

The World Health Organization’s cancer research folks reported in late March that the world’s most widely used herbicide, glyphosate, is “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

That’s scary. 543 more words

Mushrooms Grown with Peat: A Climate Issue

“Climate Emergency.” Well, yes. That’s why, whoever we are, when we know with our minds, and feel the conviction in our hearts, we need to work towards the transformations that will allow a better, or less bad, future.   601 more words

Climate Change

Let's Just Stop With the Food Wars, Okay?

There’s something about the internet that brings out the basest parts of us. Can you imagine if people lived their day-to-day lives like they were on a Facebook thread (or, god forbid, in the Youtube comments section)? 1,070 more words


What Have They Done to My Ice Cream?: Pointless Additives and Augmentations

There’s little I love better for dessert than peach ice cream.  After the back of winter is broken and the world has come alive again–in the unfurling and moist warmth of spring or the languid, steeped afternoons of summer–it’s a part of my childhood.  1,232 more words

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teaching moment

“how fast can you grow, before you crash?”

“rest in peace, that’s for the dead”

“pop a wheelie on the zeitgeist”

so, i found out yesterday that i have some new and unexpected viewers on this blog-welcome! 503 more words

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