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Why Garden?

(From The Anarchist Cookbook, by Keith McHenry with Chaz Bufe, scheduled for October 2015. This Cookbook will contain dozens of tasty vegan recipes, recipes for social change, and accurate information on anarchism.) 500 more words


Negotiating Activism and Introversion

This post has been in the making for several months. I first had the idea to write it back in December over my Winter break. As I was reflecting on my first semester in graduate school, I thought a lot about how my personal identities and activism meshed with my tendency toward introversion. 1,127 more words

We're All Mad Here

3.25.15 ➵ In Which Ketchup and Mac & Cheese Wed

Most of us have done it. Many of us won’t admit it. Even if you have never done it, you probably knew some childhood friends (and still know a few shameless adults) who enjoy the sweet and saucy pairing of ketchup and macaroni and cheese. 1,593 more words

Daily Crow

That Sugar Film - Review

As someone who has significantly reduced the amount of processed foods and particularly sugar from my diet, I can’t imagine taking on this crazy experiment myself. 720 more words

Health Benefits

The Cheesy Endorsement

Last week, it came to my attention, via Twitter, that I had indirectly endorsed Kraft Singles as a healthy food choice for children. Yes, you know, the sliced rubbery “pasteurized prepared cheese product” individually wrapped for your convenience and used to make a shiny food blanket after a few seconds in the microwave. 1,312 more words


Exposing the truth about the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Rant time!

Those of you who are dietitians in the U.S. are undoubtedly aware of the entity that is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). 329 more words

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