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Waste not: food documentaries, recycled

“Wasted” is an upcoming Huntington Library event that costs nearly $100 for members. They’ll be showing the 2017 Rockefeller Foundation-sponsored food waste/ecoresponsibility documentary of the same name (featuring executive producer Anthony Bourdain, with Dan Barber of Blue Hill, Danny Bowien, Mario Batali and various other chefly friends, though none of those guys are slated to show up in person at the event). 4,057 more words

Food Politics

so, how did it go?

Way back in the spooky month of October, just prior to Halloween, I presented a MyPlate Haiku on Instagram. Not as deep perhaps as a Zen Buddhist koan, a paradoxical anecdote or riddle used to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning in order to provoke enlightenment, but reflective of a puzzlement nonetheless. 1,538 more words

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Our Food and Labor Exploitation

The U.S. food industry is built upon countless stories of ongoing exploitation and violence. The brutal treatment of animals in our meat industry is often spotlighted in documentaries and a bevy of undercover videos, as is its environmentally destructive nature. 437 more words

Food Politics

Peepin' Out Again

This is a mildly revised and updated version of Peepin’ Out, originally posted in May, 2014.

Recently, somehow, word got through to me, that Peeps, those brightly colored marshmallow bunnies and chicks, would now be sold year round. 976 more words

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The Joy of Cooking Facts

This lovely paean to Joy of Cooking  crushes both the bogus science critiquing the cookbook and the broader cultural problem of trying to get reliable science about food and health. 378 more words


Flying high at Blue Sky Festival

Mundaring comes together to celebrate community and promote sustainability

True to its name, the Blue Sky Festival was a sunny affair, in more ways than one. 1,098 more words


Let's Unpack the Fridge

As weeks went by, I started to see a pattern unfold. Every Sunday I was throwing out food.  I was throwing out the carrots for the soup I didn’t have time for or the tofu I let expire because I overbought. 448 more words