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Albany offers Food For Thought

My family and I recently took off on a four-day road trip to Albany, five hours south of Perth, ostensibly to attend the third annual… 508 more words

Cook & Eat

Backyard chickens

We have made no secret here at Finding Quiet Farm of our love for backyard poultry. Honestly, what is there not to love?

A Black Star from our most recent flock. 1,037 more words


Why 'The Ecology of Dinner'?

As Michael Pollan tells us in his book ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’, eating is a political act. And he’s right. Pretty much anyone and everyone who eats is influencing food policy through what they choose to put on their plate. 309 more words

Food Ecology


The go-to journal for important conversations about food, probing questions about the role of food in everyday life through studies of historical trends, analyses of the politics and economics of food production and consumption, and creative reflections on food.


Proud of our local Waste Champions

I’m thrilled for my friends Jeannie and Amanda, co-owners and founders of the Wasteless Pantry, who recently won yet another award for their advocacy work and innovative retail business. 439 more words


Apocalinks + Sangria!

Climate change may be turning plants into “junk food”–more sugars, fewer proteins and micronutrients, wheat and rice bulked up like Hans and Franz.

Over the weekend at a party that was genuinely lovely despite impending Trumpocalypse, I tangled myself in a drunken assertion that Stockhom Syndrome doesn’t exist. 646 more words


Food waste + helpful tips!

Thankfully, we’re finally, finally talking about food waste in the U.S. Chefs have long been painfully aware of the staggering quantities of perfectly edible food thrown out in restaurants and hotels on a daily basis, but only recently have we started discussing… 1,501 more words