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Revived AR website with local bloggers

I’m in the local AR group Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate N.Y.  We just re-launched our website, arauny.org, with a schedule of local writers contributing to our blog a few times a week. 12 more words


Monbiot on Agricultural Subsidies, Austerity, Ecology and Beyond

Here is George Monbiot at his insightful and impassioned best, speaking about agricultural subsidies at the Oxford Farming Conference in January.

This is really worth a half hour of your time to understand how things could begin to be different if we are concerned to integrate: biodiversity, social justice, food security, soil protection, sound energy policy, flood and drought management, and more. 108 more words

Food Sovereignty

Chilota Food Distribution

On February 25th, 2015, thanks to the generous support raised during my Dollar a Day Diet this past summer, in addition to the considerable funds raised by Rohit Gupta, Samuel Magombo and I were able to distribute maize to eighty households in the village of Chilota, Lilongwe. 311 more words


Consumed: Food For A Finite Planet- Book Review

Consumed: Food For a Finite Planet by Sarah Elton

ISBN-13: 978-0-226-09362-8

Published 2013 by The University of Chicago Press 348 pages

‘The food system as we know it was assembled in a few decades- and if it can be built that quickly, it can be reassembled and improved in the same amount of time.’ 1,403 more words

Food Politics

Media misread on the new USDA dietary guidelines

The new USDA public nutrition guidelines have been updated again, as scheduled, and now say some fat and egg yolks are okay and to limit carbs and sugar instead. 1,566 more words


Coca-Cola Deepening its Ties in Triathlon

The practice is standard for many long-course triathletes. Drink Coca-Cola during the run. I admit, in the heat of competition, I’ve relied on it too. 493 more words

Diets are changing around the world...and not in a good way

Over the past several decades, we’ve seen diets in the United States shift dramatically. Take fat as one example. A hundred years ago, butter and lard were cooking staples. 491 more words