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Is Your Meat Really Grass Fed?

I am forever saying make sure you eat grass-fed meat rather than grain-fed, not least because of the need for the super-sensitives among us to avoid grain-fed meat, but also because it simply has a better nutritional profile by far, especially when it comes to fatty acids. 278 more words

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Paleo? Mediterranean? Nah, Try The New Nordic Diet..

Interesting article today from Dr Michael Murray on the Nordic Diet that is taking the weight loss industry by storm currently.

The diet is based on wild foods, fruits, veg, plenty of fish, good oils and fats and some grains. 296 more words

Food Posts

Winter isn't so bad...

So again I have failed blogging every few days… work has kept me busy and I prefer saving up stuff to write, rather than having loads of small posts. 617 more words


Recipe: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is a recipe I made up for chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter! Hope you try it out and enjoy them!:)



120 g unsalted butter… 145 more words


Winter in Melbourne

So I have been a little slack updating the blog recently, for 2 main reasons…. 1. Everyone in Melbourne hibernates during winter, which means there is little on to do and therefore nothing interesting to blog about, and 2. 1,140 more words


Sunday update: getting ready for a new week 

Happy Sunday all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and enjoying their time. Sometimes we all just need to get away from work and relax, rest and be with the people that make us happy. 130 more words


Warsaw Poland

Warszawa – Kash was really interested in coming to Poland as her grandpa Joe was born in Kraków and had to move to Canada before WW2. 329 more words