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Weekend in the Grampians: Day 1

Last weekend we made a last minute trip to the Grampians. It is a National Park, 3 hours north west of Melbourne city. The weather was forecast to be chilly but sunny, and as I didn’t have work and we had no plans for the weekend – it was perfect! 531 more words


Day 5 Little India

Finally some authenticity. Over on the otherside of town hidden away from the big malls, high-rises, Starbucks, and flashy lights is a little taste of Singapores Indian heritage. 248 more words


That big sparkly wheel

The Singapore flyer should definitely be on the top of your night time attractions list. It’s the most amazing view I’ve even seen, the pictures dont do it justice. 130 more words


That famous Singapore Chilli crab

When people hear you’re heading to Singapore they all insist you must try the Chilli crab.. So we did. We headed straight towards a place we saw earlier right on the river, it had big Chilli crab pictures everywhere, it was hard to miss. 269 more words


Bibelot - First day of winter treat!

1st June is the start of winter in Australia, and it was freezing yesterday. Well, freezing for Melbourne standards when I have become accustomed to 25 degrees since summer ended! 262 more words


Weekend at home snapshots 

After a wonderful vacation at home- I decided to compile some photographs of what I saw and got up to whilst I was at home❤️ … 59 more words


New Gluten Plan 30 Page TGF Food Appendix

For all you lovely Gluten and Barrier Plan purchasers, please note I have just added the latest version to your Facebook Group files so do pop along and download your new version. 144 more words

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