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Multitasking the wrong things

The day has consisted of re-watching the vampire diaries, working on my finale thesis project and struggling to control my diet. After watching the vampire diaries finale I felt like I just needed to re-watch it all. 92 more words

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Deadlines and meetings

The day has been somewhat hectic, with two interviews booked and a project deadline at 5 pm sharp. The interviews went great and since we had a few hours in between them, a lunch out was in order. 92 more words

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[KR] Hyang Mi 향미 @ Myungdong 명동

Taystar ⭐⭐⭐/5

Very authentic Chinese-Korean restaurant run by a Chinese immigrant. The place is located at the Chinese restaurant cluster in Myungdong 명동. The gang I was with strongly recommended Menbosha 멘보샤 (面包虾; Menbo stands for bread and sha stands for shrimp) – which was quite savory but extremely greasy as well. 16 more words

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[KR] Dong Won Jib 동원집 @ Eulji-ro 을지로

Taystar ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Dong Won Jib 동원집 sells Gam Ja Tang 감자탕. This place can tick off most of the the “wow” factors on my list. Pork, soup, soondae 순대, sufficient portion and the not-so-fancy ambience that I crave. 37 more words

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Starting over and over and over

It hasn’t really been a productive couple of weeks. As usual I have directed my focus away from my goals and the things I need to do. 104 more words

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[KR] Shigoljib 시골집 @ Jongro 종로

Taystar ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Cutting to the chase, this place is no doubt full 5-star rated restaurant. Shigoljib 시골집 sells Seonji Haejang Gook 선지해장국 (chunked and thickened ox blood soup) and is THE best Seonji Haejang Gook 선지해장국 place in Seoul! 42 more words

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