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Food Price Index Over the Past Decade

It’s always interesting to see how prices of different items have increased over the years. I took a look at food prices specifically to find out how they have changed over the past decade. 18 more words

The Price is Right – This is your food, not a game show

I was having a conversation with my Daughter-in-Law about groceries and she asked if we had noticed our grocery bills climbing. She noted that within the last four months the food bill for their household had dramatically increased.  577 more words

Old Forecast of Famine May Yet Come True

Two centuries ago — only 10 years after a hungry, angry populace had ushered in the French Revolution — the dour Englishman predicted that exponential population growth would condemn humanity to the edge of subsistence. 1,160 more words


News from the 6. week of 2014

Dear readers, here we go with the hottest news of the hortiworld of the last week. Enjoy & love & share the horticulture! ;)

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Persistent high food prices and a winter's tale of the FAO index

In this chart I have divided the period from 2006 January till 2012 September into four sections. These four sections represent different phases of the global food price rise and consequent levels of persistent food price inflation. 432 more words

Agriculture And Food

The food crisis and India

The World Bank has joined the chorus warning the world of an impending food crisis with damaging food price inflation. In its late-August edition of its Food Price Watch the Bank reported that global prices for food as reflected by its Food Price Index rose 10 per cent in July 2012 alone. 909 more words