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Choice is OURS

Transformation Tuesday Everything we EAT, DRINK & DO affects Us. It can either Work towards our Health and Wellbeing Or It can take us one step closer to Disease and Illness. 12 more words

Eating Right

My Mantra 

#TransformationTuesday Repeat this Mantra – as often as possible #merakiwellbeing

Eating Right

Results Guaranteed

Want Guaranteed Results? Then Do the Needful. Eat Right, Eat Well, Eat Sensibly, Workout

#SuperSaturday #merakiwellbeing

Eating Right

You Decide 

So NO MORE EXCUSES! No more Reasons! #FitnessFriday #NoMoreExcuses #merakiwellbeing

Eating Right

Must do on Monday

Make this Monday change your Life #MotivationMonday #merakiwellbeing


Ways To My Heart...

Ways To My Heart…

1. Buy Me Food
2. Bring Me Food
3. Be Food

Isn’t it simple and flexible?!? :D