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Antibacterial soap no real threat to germs: study

Antibacterial hand soaps containing a chemical flagged as potentially dangerous are not much better at killing germs than regular suds, researchers say.

The chemical, triclosan, was long one of the commonest ingredients in antibacterial soaps, which are used by millions of people and generate $1 billion in sales annually in the United States alone, experts say. 332 more words

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Low- and Middle-Income Countries Suffer Most From Foodborne Illness


There hundrededs of millions of cases of foodborne illness worldwide every year, costing billions of dollars. It’s believed that low- and middle-income countries bear the brunt of these illnesses. 469 more words

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Survey: Consumers More Concerned with Chemicals in Food vs. Foodborne Illness

When it comes to food safety concerns, American consumers are most worried about chemicals in food, according to the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation’s… 453 more words

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Did you know only 16 % food adulteration cases in Tamil Nadu end in conviction

Just 16% food adulterators were convicted in the state over the past two years even though there has been a rise in the number of complaints of contaminated food in the market. 254 more words

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Details Sought About Subway’s Switch to Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Details Sought About Subway’s Switch to Antibiotic-Free Chicken

BY NEWS DESK | SEPTEMBER 5, 2015 Last week, officials at Subway said that the fast-food chain plans to switch to chicken raised without antibiotics by next year, but antibiotic preservationists are frustrated by the lack of details from the company. 185 more words

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What's in your honey.....and what isn't?

Did you know?

Natural unprocessed honey contains pollen. Lot’s of pollen.  And pollen can indicate where the honey was produced.  Food Safety News writes…”The food safety divisions of the  World Health Organization, the European Commission and dozens of others also have ruled that without pollen there is no way to determine whether the honey came from legitimate and safe sources.”  Why is this important?   82 more words


The Challenges and Advantages of Farm-to-Fork Traceability BY JAMES ANDREWS

Take a moment to consider some of the foods found in a supermarket: eggs, tomatoes, coffee — maybe even chocolate chip peppermint brownie ice cream. 1,078 more words