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Arpad Pusztai - Blowing the Whistle, He Knew the Truth About GMO's Years Ago

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 I am back from my hiatus.  I really was  not sure if I would be back at all.   Yet here I am  with an oldie but definitely a goody.  1,064 more words


How to Dispose of Food

1.Give away any food you can. Before throwing it out, share your leftover food with soup kitchens, churches, neighbors, friends and family

2.Compost foods that can be organically disposed of. 350 more words

Food Safety

What Is Lurking in the Ice Machine?

Below are a few pictures of “in-use” ice machines that were taken recently by inspectors in the field.  It’s important to remember that ice, just like any other food, can become a vehicle of contamination; therefore, it must be protected.  32 more words

Food Safety

Metal fragments were found in this brand's burgers

If you picked up a package of pre-made pork burgers for Labor Day grilling, you may want to double check the brand. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recalled nearly 90,000 pounds of meat sold under the Johnsonville brand. 101 more words


Frozen Corn Distributed Under Four Different Labels Recalled for Listeria Risk

Bonduelle USA Inc. of Brockport, NY, is recalling 9,335 cases of frozen corn because it has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. 281 more words


Hazardous Gases on Agricultural Operations

Hazardous gases on farms can be found in silos, manure storages, anaerobic digesters, grain bins and improperly ventilated barns – structures that provide a confined space in which gases can accumulate to dangerous levels or deprive the air of enough oxygen to sustain life. 111 more words


Pork sausage products recalled due to possible contamination

WASHINGTON, DC – Kenosha Beef International is recalling nearly 90,000 pounds of pork sausage patty products that may be contaminated with foreign materials.

The recall, announced in a news release by the the U.S. 285 more words

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