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Party's over: China pulls Viagra-laced "elixirs" from liquor stores

Local authorities in southern China are investigating distillers for adding the impotence drug Viagra to their products. Officials seized more than 5,300 bottles of baiju, a clear, grain-based spirit that is the country’s… 124 more words

Viagra 'added to Chinese alcohol'

BBC News 2 August 2015

Two distillers in China added Viagra to thousands of bottles of spirits and told customers it had “health-preserving qualities”, food officials say. 32 more words

Food Science

Lets Tackle Campylobacter Together! Take the 2015 Chicken Challenge!

Campylobacter is the biggest  cause of food poisoning in the UK. Campylobacter is a spiral/rod-shaped bacterium, which inhibits the GI tract of warm-blooded animals, with its presence most-commonly found in food animals such as; Poultry, cattle, pigs and shellfish. 231 more words


Food Safety News - World this week (02.08.15)


CFS announces food safety report for June

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) today (July 31) released the findings of its food safety report for last month.

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Food Safety

Basic Food Safety

When preparing and cooking food, there are a few basic rules for making sure the food is safe to eat. All purchased foods have been handled by a number of people before it reaches your kitchen counter. 487 more words


One of climate change's biggest dangers is one the world still isn't talking about

Changes in climate and weather patterns worldwide are converging with social trends, shifting populations, land use change, and increasingly impaired water infrastructure to dramatically make life worse for those across the globe. 1,126 more words

Salsa Time

Red, Yellow or Green tomatoes come in many different sizes, shapes and colors, but when it comes to processing them, they are all treated the same. 350 more words

Food Safety