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What to do with your food scraps

Did you know the produce you throw out in the garbage is detrimental to the environment? Because I didn’t. As it turns out, every piece of food that enters the landfill doesn’t break down properly and actually creates methane. 349 more words


Vegetable Stock from Veg Scraps

I used to make my own curry sauce with cream but since going dairy free I have started to make it with vegetable stock. Rather than buy stock with lots of additives in it, I learnt how quick and easy it was to make it from scratch just by saving your vegetable peelings. 204 more words


Urban Composting Made Safe from Animals

Providence resident Stewart Martin’s passion for science and art have informed his work to promote urban gardening and composting.

My husband and I have a compost pile in Massachusetts (with a naughty mystery squash reaching out to strangle our neighbor’s lilac), but we are not brave enough to compost food scraps as there are too many animals around. 330 more words

Our DIY Composter

Composting is seriously the coolest thing ever. Okay, it’s really not. It’s all just dirt in the end.

Still, being able to take a bunch of “waste” and turn it into something useful is pretty cool and no small accomplishment. 821 more words


The City of Portland - Bruce Walker

For a city over the 500,000-population threshold, in the United States, Portland is considered a leader in sustainability. It boasts a Recovery Rate around 60%, a… 882 more words

Lots of Food Scraps- Good or Bad?

It’s Compost Awareness Week!

Even though I have been collecting my food scraps for compost collection for over a year now, I only started weighing our compost bucket last August. 133 more words

Green City Living

Composting 101

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