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How to Make a Worm Compost Bin at Home in 8 Easy Steps

I’ve mentioned before that I use my food scraps to feed squirmy little worms that live in a plastic bin in my backyard.

I have a special little affinity for these guys. 1,044 more words

My Garden

Black Gold!

No, we haven’t been fracking here at Wanna Be Gardener, but we have been COMPOSTING! Compost is a gardeners dream, the “pay dirt”, the mother load… Too much? 352 more words


Include the Food!

Curbside food-composting is now available to all Napa Recycling customers!

Reducing what we send to landfills just got easier!  Now, all customers of Napa Recycling & Waste Services (NRWS) in the City of Napa and Napa County Recycling & Waste Services (NCRWS) in southern, unincorporated Napa County can put food scraps and food-soiled paper in the brown compost cart…it’s not just for yard waste anymore! 750 more words


Urban farming: Growing food on a budget

Today’s blog post is about urban farming and how to grow food on a budget as growing food does not have to be expensive. :) You can grow some food virtually everywhere, even on the smallest windowsill or balcony, e.g. 895 more words

New tool for improving recycling in MURBs (multi unit residential buildings) available!

Metro Vancouver has developed the Multi-Family Recycling Toolkit, Check it out here.

Excerpt from Metro Vancouver Notice:

23 April 2015

Metro Vancouver has developed the Multi-Family Recycling Toolkit, an online tool to help owners, stratas, managers and residents improve recycling in their multi-family buildings. 195 more words

How to Utilize Food Scraps in the Kitchen

Did you know that some of the kitchen scraps you throw away can be regrown into a new plant or be eaten? If you have a place where you can put a small pot of soil and have some sun shine on it, then you should give re-growing a try. 638 more words


Scraps to Flowers

Scraps to Flowers © Lynn Wiles 2015
Many of the older homes in this area have cement with a circular cut out in the yard. I had heard they were used for trash in the old days, but after some research I found out that they were for food scraps that were picked up daily by pig farmers to feed their pigs. 11 more words