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Day 11: The Kitchen

This weekend I am taking a deeper dive into creating a waste-free kitchen. While I thought I was doing pretty well before I started this project, I’m now realizing how much trash was already lurking in my cabinets and freezer. 915 more words

Day 68: Reduce your food scraps

Being ecological is sometimes synonymous with being economic. Turning off appliances when you’re not using them, using less water and heat, and walking instead of driving are all actions that favor both your wallet and the environment. 289 more words

Saving The World In 365 Days Challenge

Compost Champs

If you read our last waste-related post from the summer, you may be hungry for updates on how SPU is doing this school year. As we will be conducting our next waste audit come May 2017, we thought we’d give a mid-year update, specifically regarding compost. 422 more words


Sunday Do-Da-Day

Today was a do-day.  Since yesterday ended up being rather less-than-ideal for reasons I won’t go into, I wanted today to be a productive day. 653 more words

You Gonna Eat That?

We have about 32 assorted birds on applewood farm at the moment.

We also have a casual restaurant that generates a generous amount of food waste. 402 more words

Our First Little Compost Bin

One of my first goals of 2017 was to begin composting.  It was something that I had been wanting to do ever since we built two raised garden beds in our backyard 3 years ago.  442 more words

Compost - a better land fill

In 2014 we were staying with my mom while saving up for a house, and there was a large backyard used mainly for the exercise of mowing the lawn. 630 more words

Zero Waste