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Compost - a better land fill

In 2014 we were staying with my mom while saving up for a house, and there was a large backyard used mainly for the exercise of mowing the lawn. 630 more words

Zero Waste

A beginner's guide to composting in your apartment (without worms)

Composting on my fire escape was the first big step I took towards living a more sustainable life.

Three years ago, I was buying much more than I could consume, since it is literally impossible to find a “marital status: single”- sized container of milk in our XL country. 787 more words


For the love of compost

Upon setting the goal for ourselves of creating less waste in 2016, Alex and I promptly started composting. Honestly, I am not sure why we waited so long to begin with. 947 more words


Compost Springs Eternal

So, it’s been a year and then some since my last post.  Life, I guess.

What’s new?  We’re a year older, hopefully a year wiser.  Still composting right along.   401 more words

The Daily Bucket

Worms, Food Scraps, Odor, Flies

There are a lot of different types of worm bins that people use for vermiculture. You can build one or buy one, but they all have similar management techniques that you can employ to reduce odors and annoying flies. 330 more words


6 Ways to Reduce Vegetable Scraps

A little while ago I made a  Post about what I’m still currently throwing away, one of them being food scraps. Compost just isn’t working out in this sweaty hot climate and living on the 9th floor of a building. 827 more words

Zero Waste


I had the opportunity to learn about vermicomposting this past weekend. What is vermicomposting you wonder, its the use of high performing worms to break down organic matter into rich soil in a controlled environment. 421 more words