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Composting for Apartment Dwellers

Let me walk with you on two ways you can compost if you live an apartment and/or don’t have a backyard.

Composting is great because you see benefit firsthand from rotting your waste, rather than sending it off to a landfill in a plastic bag where it will produce methane gas and pollute the earth.  102 more words

Zero Waste

A Year of Collecting Food Scraps in A Bucket

It has been my first full year of composting, or really, my first full year of saving food scraps and keeping them in a bucket on my fire escape until it gets picked up to be made into compost. 118 more words

Green City Living

Dig and Drop Trench Composting

This post might not be very Christmas-y or in any sort of holiday spirit BUT it is very in accordance with the wheel of the year. 670 more words


6 Healthy Recipes You Can Make Using Food Scraps

Jason Sheasby, Irell, originally published this post on his website

Using food scraps is an ideal way to get creative with your weekly meal planning and to save money on your grocery bill. 377 more words


Maintaining a Worm Bin

Feed your worms about a quart (one pound) of food scraps per square foot of surface area in your bin per week. To avoid Common Problems, like fruit flies and odors, always bury food under the bedding. 198 more words


Vermicomposting - Getting Started

Choose a Bin
Buy a bin, or build one out of wood, plastic, an old dresser drawer, shipping crate, or barrel.

What Kind of Bin? 343 more words


Free Home Composting Workshop

Sponsored by
Contra Costa County
Department of Conservation and Development

Date:           November 18, 2017
Time:          10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Location:    Delta Community Presbyterian Church – 1900 Willow Lake Rd in Discovery          Bay Maureen Parkes… 118 more words