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Compost Worms | South Carolina ETV Radio

Our worm bin!

This is a wonderful little quick and dirty post about compost worms. We’ve been maintaining a stock of these for almost a year now, and we’ve hardly had any major failures at all! 770 more words


Multiplying Some Green

Hi Society!

In the Saving Some Green section of this blog I share tips on how to save the environment while saving money. In this article, I’m going a step further and I’m talking about multiplying this green. 534 more words

Saving Some Green

Au Revoir

This post is the last one you will be seeing from me! I am off to the Food Corps in DC for my next adventure. I have had quite an enjoyable experience working for the Center for Public Service and the Painted Turtle Farm. 241 more words

Bokashi Bucket

I attended a Kiama Council ‘Composting Workshop’ recently and fell in love with the concept of the Bokashi Bucket.

A Bokashi bucket looks like a small plastic rubbish bin with a sealed lid and a tap at the bottom.   284 more words


What happens to Metro Vancouver food scraps?

WATCH:  Elaine Yong shows us what happens to all that “Green Can” waste we carefully separate from our garbage.

Separating food scraps has become a habit for many Metro Vancouver residents and, as of July 1, it’s mandatory. 338 more words


Food Scraps

Organics have been banned from landfills since January 1st and the 6-month grace period ends today. Metro Vancouver apartments, condos face fines for food scraps on July 1… 136 more words

Our Building



Having a worm farm is an awesome way to recycle you’re food scraps and end up with pure black gold…or vermicast to start your seeds off in.   227 more words