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Bokashi Bucket

I attended a Kiama Council ‘Composting Workshop’ recently and fell in love with the concept of the Bokashi Bucket.

A Bokashi bucket looks like a small plastic rubbish bin with a sealed lid and a tap at the bottom.   284 more words


What happens to Metro Vancouver food scraps?

WATCH:  Elaine Yong shows us what happens to all that “Green Can” waste we carefully separate from our garbage.

Separating food scraps has become a habit for many Metro Vancouver residents and, as of July 1, it’s mandatory. 338 more words


Food Scraps

Organics have been banned from landfills since January 1st and the 6-month grace period ends today. Metro Vancouver apartments, condos face fines for food scraps on July 1… 136 more words

Our Building



Having a worm farm is an awesome way to recycle you’re food scraps and end up with pure black gold…or vermicast to start your seeds off in.   227 more words

Bin Composting Step by Step

I refer to composting a lot in this blog, but only until recently, prompted by a reader, did I realize that I haven’t yet given any practical information about composting. 1,201 more words

How to Make a Worm Compost Bin at Home in 8 Easy Steps

I’ve mentioned before that I use my food scraps to feed squirmy little worms that live in a plastic bin in my backyard.

I have a special little affinity for these guys. 1,044 more words

My Garden

Black Gold!

No, we haven’t been fracking here at Wanna Be Gardener, but we have been COMPOSTING! Compost is a gardeners dream, the “pay dirt”, the mother load… Too much? 352 more words

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