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Migraine on Saturday

Friday I really messed up. I never did go shopping so I was eating what I had on hand.

Instant oatmeal with dry raisins and dates… 272 more words

The Best Test to Improve Your Health (IMO)

Imagine you take a test that immediately shows you that every time you eat a tomato thousands of cells release inflammatory compounds into your bloodstream that end up damaging your body. 1,240 more words

Food Sensitivity

Friday Faves

I’ve never done this before, but I always love reading about everyone else’s Friday Five Link-Up so I figured I would jump aboard. The Friday Five is hosted by the lovely ladies at… 575 more words


How to Know What Foods You Should Eat

Listen. There are people who do really really well on the Paleo diet. There are people who do really really well on a vegetarian diet. There are people who do really really well on a vegan diet. 407 more words


New Year, New You

No, it’s not a cheesy hyped-up pseudo-promise – it’s true. Our bodies are in a constant state of flux, one way or the other. I won’t quote the science (it’s complicated and way over my head) but, in a nutshell, every one of us is changing, all the time. 652 more words

Balanced Living


500 calories from one food is different than 500 calories from another. Eating 500 calories of broccoli (which is a pretty hard task to accomplish) is vastly different than 500 calories from a cookie (not such a hard thing to do). 1,242 more words


5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Gluten

There’s been a bit of gluten-free backlash lately, but this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. A recent poll found that nearly 30% of U.S. 702 more words