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Post 387: Shiur: The Kosher Switch Can we control electricity on Shabbat? Recipe; Gluten free pancakes

The Kosher Switch

Can we control electricity on Shabbat?

Sunday, December 11, 2016, 8:00 pm

Beit Knesset Mishkenot Arnona, 8 Primo Levi: Featurimg Rabbi Yoni Rosensweig… 331 more words

Dear everyone, no thank you doesn't mean try harder 

Being on medication for epilepsy, I’m no stranger to the “how will these things interact” line of thinking, or the “how much/how little of this can I have before I get ‘twitchy’.” It only became more convoluted when I started medication for anxiety that doesn’t play nicely with grapefruit. 526 more words

Invisible Illness

Why No NSAIDs for You


If you have an autoimmune disease and/or gastrointestinal issues, strongly consider not taking NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for pain relief or as an anti-inflammatory medicine, and discuss with your doctor other options for pain or inflammation treatment. 1,296 more words

Celiac Disease

Cheeseburger Soup

I love soup!  Here in the Midwest, when the weather turns colder, I could eat soup everyday.  Unfortunately it can be hard to find a soup recipe that works with my food sensitivities.  290 more words

Healthy Eating

Holiday Horror..

To someone who has to eat a special diet for various reasons, the holidays are the worst time of year. So many parties and so much food they can’t eat. 926 more words

Food Sensitivity Test - Imu Pro

Just a quick update for my hubby’s 10mths appendix cancer fighting days, he is still having bloatedness after meal and vomited at some occasions. Just after vomit out, he normally feel better and then start to eat again. 395 more words

Nov 2016

Happy Allergen Free Halloween

Allergen Halloween FARE Sugar

As we draw near to Halloween and the ritual of Trick-or-Treating across America, I thought it was time for me to speak personally about two related subjects: a safe, allergen-free Halloween celebration, and the problem with our sweet tooth. 1,917 more words

Celiac Disease