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What's the Best Non-Dairy Milk?

For many, consuming dairy, particularly drinking milk, can be problematic due to milk allergy or lactose intolerance. Stomach cramping, bloating, and loose stools may quickly result, leading many to seek non-dairy and lactose-free milk alternatives. 882 more words

Food Sensitivity

Post 352: Free admission to a Musical Melave Malka this Motzei Shabat at the Riglers’ house Please call for reservations: Space limited. 02-627-2096An Invitation to Pray at the RESTING PLACE of our Holy Ancestors near Tiberius; Free Workshop on Retirement to be held in Baka; Pumpkin Pancakes


Musical Celebration in The Old City:

Free admission to a Musical Melave Malka at the Riglers’ house
Please call for reservations: Space limited. 02-627-2096


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Have you ever done drugs?  If you answered no, then you are probably lying!

The world’s most common psychoactive drug is not what you might think.  After hearing the words “psychoactive” and  “drug” most people immediately think of illegal substances and hippies from the 1960’s.  718 more words

Food Sensitivity

Here’s how a simple potato can kill you….

Ok, so I hope I got your attention with the title of this post!  Yes, it’s true that something as common as a potato can kill you. 618 more words

Food Sensitivity

Do You Have a Food Sensitivity? To Test or Not To Test

There has been a lot of attention in the last few years to food sensitivity testing.  I have watched Facebook and other social media outlets become inundated with the idea that food testing may be one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when trying to obtain a greater state of health.  502 more words

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Nickel Allergy: It's Not Just In Your Jewlery

Growing up, I remember getting itchy, red bumps on my skin whenever I was exposed to to nickel-containing metals. I remember wearing a rhinestone-bedazzled leotard (okay, I’ll admit, I twirled the baton in parades as a child!) and completely breaking out in an awful rash. 378 more words

Food Sensitivity

WARNING! These 5 types of foods may be compromising your health…


What do dairy, gluten, potatoes, aged cheese and tofu have in common?  The answer is that they all are strong suspects for food sensitivities which may be compromising your health in many devious ways.   1,204 more words

Food Sensitivity