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Neutralizer Drops for Tummy Issues

How many times have you had one of these “tummy days”, when you’re even too tired or embarrassed to admit that you’ve been struggling with diarrhea, cramping, flatulence, and digestive problems? 750 more words

Celiac Disease

Are you eating inflammatory foods? Food for thought!

So I dropped my boys off at daycare the other day.  It was an early morning for my toddler and infant so I didn’t have time for them to sit down and eat breakfast at the table so I sent their food in with them to eat at daycare.  725 more words

Functional Medicine - One Goal

Troubles, troubles, troubles

Seriously, we both did not have any idea how difficult is to raise a puppy properly. Of course it’s worth!❤️If I see him being happy, this makes me happy too!❤️If I see that he is sad because he is sick I feel my heart gonna break💔 290 more words


Eat Like You

Stop trying to eat like everyone else. Just STOP.

On any given week, I receive well-intended yet unhelpful suggestions from people who believe they can “help” me. 1,427 more words


What I Learned From Going Gluten Free + Lab Tests

I’ve spent the last 3 years going gluten & dairy free. I found the dairy bit much easier than the gluten bit and managed to do that almost straight away. 1,337 more words

Gluten Free