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Lamb Shoulder Kleftiko Style

I fell in love with lamb roast on my first trip to New Zealand. I was asked by a friend to help out with her Master’s student field research. 1,418 more words

Food Sensitivity

Feeding Yourself without Feeding the Beast

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” -Julia Child

I love Julia’s take of food and life.  

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Food Sensitivity

Apricot Glazed Ham for Christmas in July

It’s just not Christmas for Stuart if there’s no leg of ham. It’s a tradition in his family to get a ham from a specific butcher in Melbourne. 1,375 more words

Food Sensitivity

The Dark Side of Nitric Oxide

The importance of the nitric oxide pathway in human physiology came about with the discovery in the 1980s that it was the primary mechanism for dilation of blood vessels, vasodilation. 1,644 more words

Food Sensitivity

Migraineur's Mirepoix: Setting the Stage for a Trigger Free Dish

I learned to cook through the time honoured tradition of the skill being handed down by hanging out in the kitchen. It was a Master-Apprentice relationship and my mother, grandmothers and aunts were the first masters that I trained with. 837 more words

Food Sensitivity

Reverse Engineering the Problem

I learned about migraines by living with someone who had them. A lot. The beast was unpredictable, striking indiscriminately and with a catastrophic force that was unwarranted. 1,235 more words

Food Sensitivity

Migraineur’s French Toast

French toast is my signature breakfast for sleepovers. It works for any kind of sleepover, the romantic just the two of us kind or where did this horde of hungry teens come from kind and everything in between. 707 more words

Food Sensitivity