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Meet JoAnne Arcand

1. How did you end up in your chosen occupation?

After conducting many years of graduate and postdoctoral training, I knew that I was well suited to academia based on my interests and strengths in teaching and research. 331 more words


Vegan Thanksgiving Inspirational Videos ā€” Genki Kitty's Blog

Less than 2 weeks until American Thanksgiving, hard to believe this year has passed so fast. Last year at this time, Genki Husband and I were planning our move to Southern California.

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Pumpkin Palooza Recipe of the Day: Pumpkin Cranberry Bread ā€” The Whole bag of Chips

Originally posted on November 14, 2011 The recipe Iā€™m sharing today is one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Each year this is what we have for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning, and we grill it, which is superb!

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Food Service

Learning Compassion in Food Service

Growing up, I came from a very non-traditional family. We are very blended, and really no one followed a “straight and narrow” path through life. I loved my family despite its patchwork pattern, and will still defend each person with fury and passion, even if I don’t love every single one of their actions. 715 more words


Things I've Learned in Food Service

When I set off to college, I definitely did not expect to need a job. I had saved enough money (I thought) to get me through the year. 944 more words

Even Cut

Even Cut:

I think this is something only a person who works for this kind of establishment can understand, but people like this do exist. Unless you’re splitting your sandwich with another person then who cares how even your footlong is cut. 90 more words


Dear Possible Customer,

In the United States economy, industries produce goods and services for consumers. Since the 1950s, different companies have been formed to create convenience to the consumer. 206 more words