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Stealing Grain from the Poor

The 18th century saw a huge number of food riots, commonly blamed on food shortages, but really due to farmers hoarding of shipping the grain abroad while those who worked on the farms, brought the harvest in went hungry.This is from News from the English Countryside 1750-1850 from Woodbridge, Suffolk, April 1772… 245 more words

Real Life

Heroic Women

Images we have of 18th century women are generally that they were frail well mannered, ala Jane Austen, but this was a world away from the realities of woken women, most of whom worked harder and longer than we can imagine. 377 more words

18th Century History

Farming money: How European banks and private finance profit from food speculation and land grabs

Published By: Friends of the Earth Europe, January 2012

Writing and research: Daniel Pentzlin, Rachel Tansey et al.

Whilst working in the economic justice team at Friends of the Earth Europe 2011-2012, I was heavily involved researching, writing and editing ‘Farming Money‘, a seminal report analysing the activities of 29 European banks, pension funds and insurance companies, and revealing their significant involvement in food speculation, and the direct or indirect financing of land grabs. 1,008 more words


Food Speculation

Some exciting news has come in this week from the World Development Movement, which Politics:bitesize is happy to share:

‘Late on Tuesday night, EU negotiators agreed to… 193 more words


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We sometimes take for granted the air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth we walk on. They were all there before us – how can anyone claim ownership?

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The fossil fuel web of power

Relating back to today’s earlier post about the No Dash for Gas lawsuit and the issues therein, my former employers the World Development Movement have just brought out a… 155 more words

Home Grown

The other day I heard writer/journalist Steven Poole being interviewed on ABC radio about his new book You Aren’t What You Eat: Fed Up With Gastroculture. 717 more words