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Food in Books, ep.2: Food in the dystopian world. A comparison.

Literature has always been my biggest pleasure and passion; ever since I can remember, I was reading something. Most people think that literature opens doors to different worlds, I simply think literature is, at all times, a reflection of our world: the most fascinating matter to analyze. 3,852 more words


The 3rd International Young Chef Olympiad - A Curtain Raiser !

                              In today’s world, food has become a universal language and represents a nation’s culture to a major extent. It is something that brings and binds communities together globally.It has the power to bond nations and if you are wondering what I am referring to here , your wait is over – The 3rd edition of… 819 more words


008 - Be Direct

Lesson Learned

Be direct with people (or have someone else be direct for you).

What is it?

I’ve always felt that many people are too nice or they skirt around tricky situations. 438 more words


Fish tales: Saibeni Gomantak in Mahim

There’s a new gomantak that has joined the ranks of seafood restaurants in Mahim, adding to our favourites Sushegad Gomantak and Fresh Catch. We drop anchor at Saibeni Gomantak on a Monday and are immediately ushered into the ‘family room’ (AC section).  449 more words


Snowballs recipe

If you need an energy boost in the afternoon like me, this energy balls are for you! I like to call them snow balls :) They’re so easy to do! 323 more words


How I started selling 100 cakes per month

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Food Stories

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Food Stories