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Challenge 1 Vegan MoFo Nailed it!

You know the Meme, Nailed It? Where epic fails are recorded alongside stunning quality. I made my first food blog video under the misguided advice, “any kid could do it!” I did make a video, 5 minutes way too long with buzzy sound, comic sans credits, Ken Burns effect, bad lighting and who knew I had so much vocal fry? 101 more words

Food Stories

40th birthday cake

A couple of years ago my daughter and her husband began to wonder if they would ever have a family. In their late 30s, they decided to stop buying tickets for the IVF rollercoaster. 351 more words

Gluten Free

Call a spatula a spatula!

Every time I walk into someone’s kitchen, I learn something new. It may be the same potatoes that I cook, but there is always that refreshing twist to it when I see someone else make it. 501 more words

Food Stories

Vegan MoFo 2015

The vegan month of food is coming to the Conscious Cooking blog once again in September, I will be blogging daily. Here is a rough draft of what I will be posting: 1,155 more words

Food Stories

I Accosted a Man with a Box of Tampons

Thankfully it was a friend, and done (somewhat) in good fun…there may have been a bit of frustration involved.

Here’s the back story… 718 more words

Living Life

A chemical cocktail .. Everyday

What do you see in the picture below –

A bowl of fresh peas ? Well, this is dried yellow peas that have been coloured green :(. 577 more words


delayed flights and fried green tomatoes

What else do you do on a flight that’s been delayed, dropping you at your destination in the middle of the night? Some people read; the smarts ones sleep. 573 more words

Food Stories