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Warm Buttery Croissants

Sunday Brunch, I was longing for this since Friday. Antoine had a busy week at work and I was tired out because of my allergies (yay). 1,192 more words


Le restaurant Chinois, by Sem (1863-1934)

Chinese food has become an integrated part of our western culture; regardless whether you like it or not, chances are you have at least tried it. 507 more words


tonight: pan-grilled shrimp tacos

I can still remember the first time I had peel ‘n eat shrimp. We’d gone to some friends’ house back in the 80’s for dinner. There in the middle of the table was a giant bowl of pink shrimp just waiting to have their shells deftly removed, all while sucking the briny juice from the removed tail piece. 339 more words


Belgian Speculoos All Year Long

Speculoos, a Belgian biscuit made with great butter and cinnamon. Also associated to a Holiday Saint Nicolas, but here we eat it all year long. In most restaurants you get the famous Lotus Speculoos with your coffee and the best way to savor it, is by dipping it! 589 more words


Freshness in a Bottle: Home-made Ice-Tea

Fresh Home-Made Ice-Tea! Something you can see being served in any 50’s movie during summer time. Glamorous people drinking this cooled beverage with lemon slices on a patio. 263 more words

Food Stories

The hole-y doughnut

Why do doughnuts have holes?

A Maine-based sailor named Captain Gregory Hansen claims to have invented the hole in the doughnut as a teenager in the late 1840s. 346 more words


A sandwich for Sandwich

Why is a sandwich called a ‘sandwich’?

The sandwich was allegedly born 250 years ago in the South East of England. Legend has it that a man named John Montagu, who was the Fourth Earl of a town called Sandwich, first conceived of this modern-day convenience food. 225 more words