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Organic food and thoughts

A little organic seeds salmon and salad while watching late-night talk show. I’ve thought a lot about the law of attraction Lately, Encouraged by my mum to read about it. 155 more words


My five favorite restaurants in Rome

An ex-sportswriter colleague came to Rome this week and he emailed me a question I get more than any other.

“Can you recommend a good place to eat?” 1,281 more words

Travel Stories

chioggia beet of my heart

A new grocer opened up in town a couple of months ago. It was a familiar stranger from a town where I previously lived. I visited often as it was close to where I worked. 441 more words


The Omnivore- Learning to eat everything. An essay by Jeffrey Steingarten

This is one of my favorite texts and I have to say I do resonate with Mr. Steingarten’s view. When and why did we become so caught-up in this food vicious circle where nothing is allowed anymore? 2,122 more words


Banana Cinnamon Mug Cake

There was once a beautiful balcony, with a beautiful view, in a beautiful house. So much beauty. What could have been more enticing than the thought of entering such a place? 350 more words


Let's Watch,Talk and Read Food !

  • Sous vide machine
  • Broccoli
  • Deconstructed Food
  • Salmon Fish
  • Souffle

Sounds like a recipe or something related to food ? Well yes, these are some of the terms that I came across through Food related TV shows or through web channels. 1,148 more words


sausage and oktoberfest, it's a thing

Sausage. Does the word make you drool just thinking about ground meat, seasoned to perfection, stuffed into a casing and fried up in a pan? … 527 more words