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Extra Chewy Brownies

Barely 2 months of blogging and we’re on brownie post #3. Look at us. So much brown-ness.

These actually got particularly brown. Teensy bit overdone, which is a brownie mistake I have not made in a long long time due to my immense brownie experience. 472 more words

Food Stories

green salmon and community gardens

If you happen to be a person who reads both of my blogs – the other being Isabella Bird Miscellany – you’ll know that my summer has been packed with short getaways. 814 more words


Recipe-less Spice Appreciation

He hath returned.

Okay, recipe-less Life Update, Fizzles.

From his (mbFizzle) time in a strange magical place, practicing being a rockstar geologist. Yesterday, he made his appearance on Skype, and I saw his (extra beardy and mustachy) face for the first time in a month, and also since I made my journey to another strange magical place. 615 more words

Food Stories

Chicken Rice Attempt #1


Pardon my last post. I’m not sure what happened. They were good fudgy brownies, though. Even better with ice cream. 😎

Anyway, today, I was looking in the fridge…and was pretty much out of ideas. 486 more words

Food Stories

Fudgy Brownies






I am not SFizzle

I took her computer machine. I am learning to use it. You see, I am a saucepan. 432 more words

Food Stories

A Perfectly Plain Salad, Or, What to do with a Head of Lettuce

It was a voluptuous head of lettuce, the kind you can absolutely nuzzle into.

You’ve never buried your face in a mess of lettuce leaves? You should. 531 more words


Slice of Life Story Challenge 

Thanks to Laura Brown at Two Writing Teachers for inviting me to participate in the Tuesday Slice of Life Challenge. Since this is a food blog I will try to keep it on topic. 703 more words

Food Stories