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So... I Just Had McDonald's Again.

I lied. Remember, before I wrote a post about how I will never eat McDonald’s again? Well, I completely broke my promise. Tonight, I had McDonald’s once more… 508 more words


Non-stick cookware... Non-sticky relationships ?

Guess the delicacy on my plate :):):)

Some of you who grew up with grandmoms and are in my age bracket (40+) will be able to guess easily, but I doubt if the second generation after us can. 424 more words


Your Weekend Bake

My friend Jen is a classically trained baker and someone I turn to when looking for a little sweet inspiration. After various stints as a Pastry Chef in esteemed New York City kitchens such as Mario Batali’s… 494 more words

Food Stories

From small acorns... my first blog!

Just back from Lucton Food Festival on a very cold, grey day in March, I’m now warming up in front of the wood burner.  In between helping with lego and drawing boats and houses on demand for the 2 boys shown below, I’m  finally writing the first post for a blog which has been taking shape in my mind for many months now… 236 more words

Artisan Food And Drink

Culinary Comfort

I sat completely astounded as I saw my dear friend ask for Soy sauce and proceed to flavor her plate of Biryani with it. My instinct was to stop her and I believe the feeling resonated around the dining table with all our fellow Indians staring at her systematically smother India’s pride and joy with dashes of Soy sauce!!! 798 more words

Food Stories

Adventurous foodies: how far will you go to try something new?

One of the first questions I ask new foodie-friends is “what’s the most exotic thing you’ve ever eaten?” It’s a wonderful ice-breaker and usually, it leads to more and more conversation points. 486 more words