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Baked churros & citrus infused hot chocolate

Reminiscing over summer holidays, I came across my collection of ‘I have this thing with floors’ photographs, one of which I’d clicked in Málaga last summer. 616 more words


Tasty vegetable dishes

Sweet potato with guacamole. Recipe: Topi Vesels

Vegetable frittata with arugula salad. Recipe: TopiVesels

{recipe} from Sydney to Paris-Brest for almond lovers - de Sydney à Paris-Brest pour les fans d'amandes

When Mayumi told me she was an expert in making the Paris-Brest, a big classic of French pâtisserie, I could not even remember when was the last time I ate one. 1,951 more words

Food Photography

Black & green

Black & green olives with tiny green leafs intact, in a close up, and olive oil in white porcelain spoons. 

Might not be much to talk about but nevertheless, a nice image.  7 more words


No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream

We all have our vices.  Mine is – Desserts. There are a few more, but let’s not go there. ;-) I have to have something sweet every day, or, else, I don’t go to bed happy. 556 more words

Food Photography