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Bowl-ed and Beautiful

A hoarder by trade but a minimalist at heart, bridging the gap between these disparate impulses can be a herculean task. Dishware stacks up in towering piles on every shelf of my small living space, populating the cabinets and drawers, overflowing into the outdoor shed, and still it’s a strain to find homes for every odd garnish. 293 more words


Watermelon Strawberry and Honey Popsicles

When life gives you a huge watermelon, be thankful and make popsicle. Sounds so clichéd, right? Sorry, couldn’t help it. So yes, go ahead and make Watermelon Strawberry Honey Popsicle. 202 more words

Food Photography

Recipe of the week...............duck salad

Sesame and soy duck fillets and green papaya salad

Serves: 4

Green papaya is a used extensively in Thai and South East Asian cooking where it is traditionally served as a refreshing salad. 268 more words


Thursday quick smoothie

Pineapple and banana smoothie! Oh yes, but with coconut water to give hint of pinacolada. This refreshing smoothie is a must after a massive workout. … 34 more words


Summer Baking Inspiration from Frances Quinn

Many people know of Frances Quinn from the beloved ‘Great British Bake Off’. I however discovered her through my instagram meanderings, and instantly fell in love with her baking that struck just the right note between cute and rustic. 249 more words

What do you DO when you look fashionable? The puzzle I never resolved

So here you are, fully dressed: the fab new Vetemenets trainers, a Gucci bag, a bulky Uniqlo dress, and vintage Mary Quant-style earrings. You have ticked the boxes, you have received the ‘First’ in your fashion exam. 261 more words

Be a beautiful cake

Be a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins!

Food photography & styling: amalija.lv

Cakes: Mr. Biskvīts