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Polenta trout cake with tangy green pepper sauce

There are two sides when it comes to leftovers. You either cower away from the casserole your mom made three days ago as if green gas is billowing out of it, or you stand in front of the fridge stuffing fork fulls of cold spaghetti in your pie hole. 675 more words


How to become a food stylist

Food styling is a fascinating and challenging job. A food stylist is a professional whose job is to focus on the look of the food instead of taste. 19 more words


Triple Chocolate Cake

A few of you guys asked for the recipe for this cake from my last post. Its a great cake and is perfect for chocolate lovers. 465 more words


Chef yulu ishi (food stylist)

Meet Khanya Mzongwana who is breaking in the culinary world as yulu ishi.This shy chef is making big waves in her off the wall pop-up resturant in Pretoria,and this has become everybody’s favorite place to visit and dine. 192 more words


The food in the photo has gone from being a status symbol to an object of immediate desire — from something you want to show off to something you want to eat this moment. 369 more words


Serve English breakfast in a can

Here is  small inspiration from me to all my followers

We do love beans, bread and egg for breakfast or you do. Well yea it’s the English breakfast.   233 more words


Still-frame of the week: Have you tried guayaba yet?

Guava or “Guayaba” (Wa-yah-bah), is a tropical  fruit that’s extremely fragrant especially when ripe. I would compare the scent of guayaba to a very sweet, ripe, pineapple sitting among a field of wild flowers or a bouquet of chamomile blooms to be more exact. 180 more words