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Cooking Attempt 5: Mushroom Pörkölt

Saturday I was wandering the Great Market with BreAnna and Elise when I spotted a Hungarian cookbook at one of the stalls.  Not only have I been looking for a cookbook for the past few weeks, but it was in English!  827 more words


The Cautious Experiments of Krystina and BreAnna in:

A country where we can buy Alcohol

-Drinking and smoking are the two main socialization activities of young adults and students in Hungary.

-Bars/Cafes are the main hang out places at night… 96 more words


Cooking Attempt 4: Langos

BreAnna decided to search for this particular recipe, thanks to a wonderful meal at the Great Market (described in To The Market!!).  BreAnna successfully located this particular recipe at: … 581 more words


Cooking Attempt 3: Vegetarian Gulyás (Goulash)

This entry is about a week late because I’ve been trying to get back on track after the Pécs trip (Feb 11-12).  We made this dish last weekend, February 19.  545 more words


Pécs Dinner

For me, Saturday night’s dinner in Pécs was a highlight.  A few people had some issues with their meals, but they’d chosen a different menu.  I had picked Menu C, which was the only all-vegetarian menu option. 270 more words


On Being Vegetarian in Budapest

A little bit about me:

I grew up vegetarian, which is rather unusual for an American. I think I’ve met only one other person in my life who’s diet was vegetarian from birth.  1,214 more words


Cooking Attempt 2: Lecso

Lecso (Hungarian dish #2) is essentially a stir fry. Since BreAnna and I have decided to attempt Hungarian dishes, we’ve found ourselves with a Sunday night tradition. 473 more words