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The Flying Pie Guy

This past weekend I joined Lauren at the Philly Food Truck Festival near the UPenn and Drexel campuses. I claim Philly as my first home so foodtrucks are basically my uncles. 277 more words


Okinawa Food & Flea Vol. 10

Did someone say food!? Danny and I were super excited when we found out that there was a food truck festival happening in Okinawa. I mean, who doesn’t love food? 425 more words


Riverside Food Truck Festival fascinates

By Markus Mathews

Markus Mathews | Viewpoints

Markus Mathews | Viewpoints

Markus Mathews | Viewpoints

Markus Mathews | Viewpoints

Markus Mathews | Viewpoints

So much to try, so little time! 649 more words

Riverside City College

 Food Truck Jam 2016-Emirates Golf Club 

The Season 2 of TruckersDXB started off on Saturday the 8th October 2016. After a phenomenal and successful launch last year, this was one of the most awaited outdoor food events in Dubai. 226 more words


【美食節】中世紀城堡中的 Food Truck Festival

在意大利幾乎全年每個週末、各個城鎮都會舉辦各式活動及展覽,部分以當地美食特產為主題,意文叫Sagra(美食節),如早前舉辦的藍芝士 Gorgonzola Festival,就是在原産地意大利北部小鎮Gorgonzola 舉辦;其他較吸引的美食節還有牛肝菌 (porcino) 及松露 (tartufo),以及朱古力等等 。參加過最有趣的節日是有40年歷史的”鵝節“,為什麼以鵝為主題?因為主辦區以前是鵝的生產地,除了有美食外,活動還有當地傳統服裝巡遊及跑鵝比賽!街道上設有臨時區域,即場就地煮食以鵝肉為主的菜式,大家一齊坐在老街上吃地道菜式別有風味。飯後還可到處逛逛,各式小攤檔出售鵝肉製品,如手工臘腸 Salami、風乾鵝肉 Prosciutto 及鵝頸等食物。

而最常舉辦的就是 Street Food Festival 或 Food Truck Festival, 今次來到建於十三世紀的古老城堡外!有很多來自意大利各個地區,以及不同國家的特色街頭小食,除了食之外,更喜歡看看各種美食車的精心設計,還有在陽光下悠閒地享受美食! 37 more words


Dating. Exactly as awful as I figured it would be.

I have not blogged in a bit, because I have been busy, well, dating. “Dating” is actually a very loose term.  I went on two dates.  1,181 more words

Single Parenting