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End of the line

As the month draws to a close, my food pattern evolves from choosing new and exciting things to eat, to existing on whatever is left in my cupboards. 268 more words


Kale, Cannellini, & Pumpkin Stew

Vibrant. Great textures. All vegetable. SUPER. Another concoction born of a rather deranged commitment to cooking and eating only superfood for one whole week. Kale is the current veg du jour, and with great reason – it’s high in everything that’s good for you, and it’s incredibly versatile. 339 more words


14 Food Questions

  1. What is your favorite restaurant?
  2. What do you get on your sub?
  3. What do you get on your Pizza?
  4. Is there a food you’ve always wanted to try?
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That Awkward Moment When Someone Labels Me a "Food Critic"

It happens all too often, and most assuredly slips off the tongues of the most well meaning people. A common misconception, an innocent remark on the road to Hell paved with good intentions. 616 more words

Some Kinda Good

Drooling: A Week in Picts...

I had a busy week in my “TINYKITCHEN”, enlarged this week by the bright lights of Spring on these wonderfully longer days…. The…

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Heart Stories

Culture// Sunday Morning with Rachel Khoo

When you admire a public figure and have the opportunity to meet them, you never going to know how you’re going to act. But when the person you admire turns out to be so lovely and friendly, you admire them even more. 163 more words


Begin Again

Hey, don’t get the wrong idea! Im not quitting. Not even close. Neither is this a starting over point. This for me is just the moment where i stop, close my eyes and take a deep breath and reevaluate. 499 more words