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Creamy tomato and courgette pasta.

As I posted last night, I went to Borough Market in London at the weekend and bought some beautiful, fresh ingredients to use this week. I eat quite well most of the time, being a chef means I love to experiment with flavours, but being able to buy different types of ‘everyday’ ingredients is exciting as it means you get inspiration for new meals to try. 475 more words

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The Bengali Bou

The signs are hard to miss: there is excitement in the air, chatter in the house, the girls are unusually cheerful and the boy remarkably relaxed; the kitchen no longer smells of zeera and hing but that of paanch phoran and posto bata, the fridge is stacked with sandesh and rasgullas, while the fish — it has travelled twelve hundred kilometers to be with my husband, hides slyly in some corner lest I discover it and throw a fit. 668 more words

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New Magazine Promotes Southeast Georgia's Local Food Movement

Today, I’m sharing some exciting news about a new online culinary magazine debuting right here in Southeast Georgia on April 15, for which I’ll be a… 337 more words

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Cheese souffle


•3 Tbsp Flour
•2 1/2 Tbsp butter
•350ml full cream milk
•1tsp nutmeg
•1tsp paprika
•4 large egg, separated
•100g grated parmasean cheese… 323 more words

"It is the destiny of mint to be crushed."

“It is the destiny of mint to be crushed.”

Waverley Root, journalist, author, food writer


“Nothing stimulates the practiced cook's imagination like an egg.”

“Nothing stimulates the practiced cook’s imagination like an egg.”

Irma S. Rombauer, writer, chef


Pulled Pork with sweet potato wedges and homemade coleslaw.

As the nights are pulling out, it finally feels like spring is here and summer is just round the corner. However, it is still a bit chilly and comfort foods are still on my mind. 536 more words

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