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Hooray for new coffee shops in town! It’s always a delight to know of any addition to Cebu’s cafĂ© scene, being the coffee shop fanatic that I am. 441 more words


Buon Ma Thuot, Coffee capital of Vietnam

If you like Vietnamese coffee, the rich, bittersweet, hard-to-compare concoction that only exists in the street cafes in Vietnam, make a pilgrimage to Buon-Ma-Thuot. Proud coffee capital of Vietnam where the focus is made mainly to the Robusta variety. 504 more words


Trader Joe's Favorites and First Impressions

As promised, today’s post is all about food. I love hearing what other people buy at the store, whether it’s food related or not. When I was in college and had an off-campus apartment, Trader Joe’s was a go-to store for me. 613 more words

Quick Thoughts

Vegan "Sushi Rolls"

Hey guys!!!

Let’s talk about my dinner tonight!

I’ve never been a big fan of sushi, but tonight I felt like “rolling” together some of my favorite flavors; so here is my first ever homemade “sushi”. 255 more words


The harm of fog and haze on human health

Recently, Jing Chai after the birth of female to do in-depth research on haze. During the period, Jing Chai talked about when her daughter was born suffering from cancer. 653 more words


The main reason for the formation of haze weather

In recent years, the provinces have emerged haze weather, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hebei and Sichuan and other places, the haze is very serious. 594 more words


Tomato juice, effectively relieve stomach discomfort

Now the urban young people to work, often forget to take care of herself, work busy often forgot to eat, or eat some snacks in the course of time filling muscle, cause stomach upset or serious stomach trouble. 123 more words