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Cooking up a Storm

I’m going to share with you some quick tips on how to maximize on the meals you cook. In a nutshell, this can be achieved if you’re measuring your meals by calorie or by gram. 684 more words

Trip to Manila

In the past year, Singapore Airlines has rolled out a new safety video to almost all aircraft types. In this video, a Singapore Girl guides you through the aircraft safety features as well as a tour of Singapore. 507 more words


Sarapan Legendaris Dago dan Sekitarnya : Warung Bu Tatang Sarbini

Mungkin bagi kalian yang kuliah di ITB, Unpad, Unikom, ITHB dan universitas-universitas lainnya yang masih di sekitaran dago udah ga asing sama warung yang namanya ‘Bu Tatang’ kalau menurut sejarah hasil aku browsing-browsing sana sini (iyaa, ternyata udah sebanyak itu artikel yang ngulas soal bu tatang). 528 more words


BÒ Càphê draws in the customers who are in the mood to feel like thirty dollars and only spend twenty-five.

On a sun-filled afternoon, clips of sunlight enter through the front windows of BÒ Càphê. Small wafts of balmy air ruffle the foot-long curtains which line the ceiling, and in between each layer of creamy fabric, plants are clipped upside down from metal hooks. 329 more words


Wine column: Story told of 20 years of trial and error to produce full-bodied complex Yalumba

When a family-owned winery exports beyond their cellar gate, they must appoint a marketing representative to travel abroad and convey the unique personality of the winery. 971 more words


5 Most Affordable Dining Deals at Celebrity Chef-owned Restaurants in Singapore

Among the many great reasons about living in Singapore, the one I am constantly gratefully reminded about is the fact that Singaporeans are so spoiled for choice when it comes to food options. 928 more words


Spring Break: Korea Edition pt.2


It’s almost summer break but here is another update from my spring break Korea trip! Sinsadong aka Garosugil is definitely one of my favorite places in Seoul. 48 more words