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Foodie Tuesday: Dangerous Longings & Forbidden Fruit

Comeuppance. Karma. A need to get way, waaaaay better behaved and healthier after a number of weeks of recklessly overindulgent behavior in the dietary realm. Whatever you want to call it, this is the time when I’m thinking I need to scale back and revamp my approach. 556 more words

Human Nature

Corn and Israeli couscous with halloumi cheese recipe

Ready in

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 17 minutes

Serves 4


• 3 ears corn cobs (husks removed)
• 1 cup grape or cherry tomatoes, sliced in half… 128 more words


Probiotics and My Mission to Have a Healthy Gut

I started taking probiotics last week! Because I want good gut health.

Basically a probiotic puts the good bacteria in your gut that your system NEEDS for overall good health! 369 more words


Chicken Salad


Canned Chicken




Red pepper


1. Pour the chicken into a bowl. Squeeze the lemon there.

2. Cut all the vegetables (except for avocado) and add them. 20 more words



Anyone that knows me could tell you that I think about Cinnabon at least twice a day and that I am obsessed with baking cupcakes. When I thought about combining the two I almost cried because of pure deliciousness. 139 more words

Coyoty eats corn bread.

At Black-eyed Sally’s Southern Kitchen & Bar in Hartford, CT.


Immortal Fields

The secret to happy immortality is work. Of people who live forever building empires forever and having people working forever in strawberry fields, the beauty of human nature has appeared before the world and whatever admiration, has bred nothing but fructiferous lives with filthy, fractured forks for hands. 813 more words

Short Story