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Granola Bars Made From Beer May Be The Only Thing That Will Get Us To Eat Healthy

There’s a huge divide in the way people enjoy beer. One side is populated by craft beer fans who have no worries about the caloric content of their favorite bourbon-barreled coffee stout or cranberry-melon Gose. 235 more words

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Motorhoming: Rome's Ostia to Naples' Pozzuoli

December 2015

Not only is Rome’s Ostia a residential area with kilometres of beachfront, this town is renown as Rome’s ancient port city. Whilst heading south to the outskirts of Naples, the city of Pozzuoli is known for its steaming volcanic crater and ancient ruins. 2,277 more words


Are you a person ?

Right, so..where to begin? I guess I should start with a quick disclaimer : If you shut your laptop or move on to the next blog I shall not be held responsible for your loss of this valuable content. 643 more words

Easiest Baked Baby Back Ribs

There are tons of ways to cook ribs, especially back ribs. Some people swear by boiling, then grilling them. Others grill them on high then move then to indirect heat to bring them to temperature. 590 more words


As some of you may know, I went to Belgium for a couple days last week. My class got cancelled on Thursday and, although most people’s normal reaction would be to roll to the other side and keep sleeping, I opted to leave the country because YOLO. 1,051 more words

Behind The Curtains: What Real Chinese Food is About

I can imagine for most people that come from foreign countries or backgrounds that American food is quite shocking. A large majority of American-born cuisine is processed, manufactured, or who knows where it actually comes from…. 413 more words


Revisted ‘Last Tango in Paris’ Rape Scene Causes Internet Outcry

That the actress Maria Schneider was left in the dark about details of the infamous scene in Bernardo Bertolucci’s 1972 film has left many outraged. 8 more words

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