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Seeing Food Again

My mom believes that one of the important duties of parents is embarrassing their children. I am not extrapolating this idea from her behavior. She has said those very words to me multiple times, though now that I think about it I recall that she added the words “in public” to that sentence. 1,542 more words


Easy, Simple Pancakes Suzette

They say that every idea in the world isn’t original. As much as I will like to disagree with that statement, there’s truth to it. Cliches are cliche for a reason. 312 more words


NEW Filled Clif Bar Review

I love Clif bars and the nut butter filled ones are no exception. Compared to the original bars, they are smaller, but just as filling. After trying all four flavours, I’ve decided that, while they won’t replace the space saved for the original bars on my kitchen shelf, certain flavours will definitely be a frequent treat. 231 more words


I broke up with sugar.

Now I have been reading about the ill-effects of sugar since long, but it seems impossible for me to get rid of the sugary-sweet goodness from my life, which I can attribute to the many frequents desserts served in office for birthdays and the random cups of sweet milky tea/coffee I sip through out the day. 265 more words


Fill Restaurant & Piano Bar

Fill Restaurant & Piano Bar is the only dueling piano bar in the Charleston area. My girlfriends and I were so excited when we heard Fill was opening in Mount Pleasant back in 2016. 127 more words


Instant Pot Quinoa

Quinoa is a relatively quick-cooking grain, but the Instant Pot makes it even faster. It’s also a very hands-off, heat friendly method—I don’t turn on my stove or oven unless I have to in the hot, hot summer. 77 more words


Deconstructed Mud Pie

Because dessert is awesome! Made this a few nights ago, my deconstructed mud pie. Broken up graham crackers on the bottom, Nutella on top of that(heated up for 12 seconds), vanilla ice cream, and finished off with whipped cream. 22 more words