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Gas Toast - Part 2

Please read Gas Toast – Part 1 first. This is the easy part of the recipe. I kid you not. Completely true. We’re getting into the really hard part of the recipe. 308 more words

Last Word

Vicki Lee's

Today I had a craving for eggs.  Well, the term craving really doesn’t do my feelings justice.  This morning, I woke up and all I could think about were two fluffy eggs that were cooked to perfection.   150 more words


B - Weekend

I am not sure how this happened, but this weekend I explored places that each had the letter ‘B’ somewhere in the name. Hence, the ‘B’ – weekend! 885 more words


Pate-a-choux Pokemon Poffins

What I like best about creating food from fictional sources is trying to figure out how to faithfully translate the fantasy world into a real life or modern kitchen’s methods and ingredients. 935 more words


Tasty Tuesday: It Never Gets Old

Do you have that one particular type of food you never really get sick of? Well, for me, that’s Mexican food. I. Love. It. Now, I love all sorts of food, but Mexican is good for all types of moods: Celebrating with some margaritas, chips, and salsa on a Friday evening after a hard work week, some enchiladas to fill you up in those cool fall nights (at least in Wisconsin it’s cool!), or enjoying a taco bar luncheon with coworkers/friends. 67 more words

Day 58 - National Corned Beef Hash Day

I could never understand the appeal of corned beef hash when I was younger.  My Mom loved it, as did my grandmother.  It must be an Irish thing.   1,230 more words


Glazed $ugar & the Speed of Government

In fairness to what is reported in the book, I would like to note some changes in legislation, regulations, and other improvements that have happened in the past few years. 625 more words