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Goldilocks and The Golden Spirit

Working on the poems, today I had bit of a breakthrough with the poems very little is written, a big part with the way I write is flow and what feels right, hard to express this is more than a feeling, it’s a guide as if my spirit is tasting different poems and like Goldilocks, it just knows what fits and what does not and what’s too hot and cold, yet when that, *this is just right* taste cross the delicate taste buds it’s locked in and we know what to order on this enormous menu. 218 more words

Food Not Bombs: Weekly Fort Collins Food Sharing Shut Down, Leading to Rally and Uncertain Future

Every Sunday for two years, the Fort Collins chapter of Food Not Bombs have been preparing free meals for the meal-sharing event held in Library Park. 209 more words


Duck Stir-Fry with Ginger & Greens

It’s not often you find a duck dish that is light and healthy. It pains us too to pull off and discard that duck skin but somedays it just has to be done. 168 more words


Brews News: Beer takes seat at breakfast table

Move over, saison and orange juice beermosas.¬†Excuse me, stout. There’s an intriguing new option for breakfast and brunch beer pairings.

It’s barley wine, or more specifically Early Bird Breakfast Barley Wine featuring maple syrup, from Cameron’s Brewing of Oakville. 898 more words


Spring is coming?

I have noticed that since Saturday the weather has been a lot milder. This better weather makes a lot of things about running easier, it means that I no longer need worry about things like ice and snow. 318 more words


I'm Weirdly Proud of my Grown Up Taste Buds

I don’t like butternut squash. Haven’t since I was a kid. I couldn’t even be tempted with the whole toasted-marshmallows-on-top trick that my mom tried to pull when it wasn’t even Thanksgiving just to make her kids eat some damn squash. 429 more words