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Good Intentions... 

I started 2015 with such good intentions… Now here we are almost in May.

However let’s not dwell on what I haven’t achieved (getting the blog properly up and running, blogging regularly, cooking more, exercising more) and focus on what has happened. 621 more words


A Southern Meal with a California Twist

I’m a Southern girl. My eating habits haven’t been the best in the world (fried foods, hearty dishes, breads, delicious desserts, and whiskey drinks) but living in California over the past few years, I have adopted new ways of eating and exploring new flavors and recipes to get the most out of my life while enjoying the food that I love. 1,038 more words

California Style

Edmonton and Calgary

Send Aaron and I out on a half day hike and you can be sure that two or three hours later we will return with literally hundreds of photos on our camera and probably a few on each of our phones as well. 568 more words


For the Love of Animals!

Last July I went veggie. Why? ANIMALS. I love ’em. Also, I don’t like to kill, or be party to killing anything. I don’t even kill flies – not even mozzies! 566 more words

The Whole Jolly Lot!

Healthy Sweets

Desserts are a big part of Ramadan feasts and even if you’re trying to eat healthy you don’t have to skip them. If you cut down your desserts to every other day rather than every day, you’re going to be doing your waistline a big favor. 215 more words


The Teen Takeover, Part II, The Ending...

Friends, we gather here today… on this saddest of occasion’s, to say Good-bye to our dear friend… EdGGar… No worries, no tears, no sorrow my dear friends… as you can see by his last moments, he went with a smile… and he tasted… 17 more words

The Teen


If “hold tight for the Lucy Bee” sounds familiar then you’ve probably already made the link between The Body Coach and this gorgeous smelling product. 1,046 more words