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Food Hygiene: The Road Less Travelled - by Dr. Gazal Goyal

Indian culture beams of a rich food heritage and tradition. Food is an important part of our everyday life, and has a significant influence on our mind and body. 725 more words

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Analysis of Burger Market Finds Unwanted Ingredients: Rat and Human DNA

Warning: You may never look at a burger the same way again.

The most unappetizing results of a recent test of 258 burgers at their molecular level found three instances in which the meat contained rat DNA and one in which human DNA was found. 681 more words


28 students sick in one U of M dorm; norovirus suspected

There’s a run on disinfectant on the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus, after more than two dozen students who live in Frontier Hall fell ill this week. 307 more words


Chipotle says things are even “worse” than it thought

This post has been corrected. Back in January, Chipotle predicted it was in for a rough year. “It’s going to be messy in terms of margins, it’s going to be messy in terms of earnings,” chief financial officer Jack Hartung said at a conference. 22 more words

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French art in Haiku (Haiku 3: Cromagnon, La Tour Eiffel, Les Fleurs, Absinthe)

Food poisoning this week. No details necessary… just to say that yesterday, I rose from the wish-I-was-dead and went around my house taking pictures and writing haiku. 106 more words


New Chipotle Food Safety Procedures Include Shutting Down Restaurant If Anyone Barfs

Yesterday, Chipotle restaurants didn’t open until 3 PM so 50,000 or so restaurant employees could sit in hotel conference rooms or movie theaters to watch a live-streamed company-wide meeting about food safety. 372 more words