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Food Safety and Pregnancy

Food safety is important for everyone. But, there are a couple of important considerations when you are pregnant. Your immune system changes during pregnancy making you and your unborn child at higher risk for a foodborne illness. 188 more words

Food Safety

Here's What Foods Are Most Likely To Have E. Coli or Salmonella

More than 80% of the reported E. Coli illnesses were traced to beef and vegetables, according to a new report on foodborne illness. Salmonella, meanwhile, is transmitted in many different kinds of foods, including seeded vegetables, eggs, fruits, chicken, sprouts, beef and pork. 228 more words

Part III: The terrifying realities of antimicrobial resistance that will keep you up at night

As promised, today’s post will focus on the terrifying realities of antimicrobial resistance. I’m generally not an alarmist, but these two issues are Not Good. We are on our way to a post-antibiotic age of medicine. 607 more words

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The Food Safety Performance of Ground Beef Suppliers to the National School Lunch Program

The Food Safety Performance of Ground Beef Suppliers to the National School Lunch Program
Source: USDA Economic Research Service

The food safety of meals served in the Nation’s schools is a great concern for many Americans, particularly those with children in school, and ground beef is a major school food item.

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Is your food safe?

Taking a close look at a cantaloupe at the supermarket won’t reveal that it’s infected with Listeria monocytogenes, a bacterium so hardy that it can cross the placenta from mother to child and cause severe diseases or even death in infants. 102 more words


Keeping Your Fresh Produce Food Safety

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 9 million people every year have a foodborne illness caused by a known pathogen. Approximately 46% of those illnesses, or 4.14 million, are attributed to fruits and vegetables. 489 more words

Food Safety

Random Violations from the Field - Food Contact Surfaces and Holding Temperatures

The following are violations cited by inspectors in the field based on the Rules and Regulations for Food Service CHAPTER 290-5-14

Food Contact Surfaces Cleaned and Sanitized… 152 more words

Food Safety