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New Chipotle Food Safety Procedures Include Shutting Down Restaurant If Anyone Barfs

Yesterday, Chipotle restaurants didn’t open until 3 PM so 50,000 or so restaurant employees could sit in hotel conference rooms or movie theaters to watch a live-streamed company-wide meeting about food safety. 372 more words


What Consumers Should Know About Chipotle and Norovirus -- GreenEyedGuide feat. on The Scientific Parent

On The Scientific Parent, I share my food science and food micro insight to help consumers understand the implications of the Chipotle foodborne illness outbreaks, and why the Norovirus outbreak is so different. 14 more words

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Public Health shares more foodborne illness outbreak information in 2016

Public Health is excited to reveal a new process for sharing foodborne illness outbreak information with you.

We are taking new steps to make sharing information around foodborne illness outbreaks easier and more timely. 450 more words

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Popcorn Lung - Medical Definition

Read the medical definition of popcorn lung. Popcorn lung is caused by chronic exposure to a chemical called diacetyl used to create the buttery flavor of popcorn, and the flavoring in some e-cigarettes.

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Raw foods are foods eaten that are in whole, uncooked and unprocessed forms, which are often fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish (sushi, sashimi). Fruits, nuts and seeds are easily eaten raw. 692 more words


Norovirus outbreak investigation in downtown Seattle building (UPDATED)

UPDATE 12/9/15

  • This morning, our food protection program staff re-inspected all of the food establishments in the building and cleared them to re-open. We are requiring the food establishments and building management to use a daily cleaning and sanitation log for the next 14 days.
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