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Got Milk? Not If It's Hot Outside


It turns out cows hate the heat; and as we know, our planet is getting hotter. To read more about how climate change is affecting cows, and what farmers are trying to do about it, go to… 14 more words


The Link Between Good Food & Good Health

It’s TED Talk Thursday on 350orbust, and I’m reposting this talk from TEDx Austin 2011. I’m presenting about GMO/GE foods at a regional diabetes conference this week, and as part of my preparation I listened to Ms. 48 more words


Deconstructing Our Dinner: What's Wrong With Our Food System

For today’s TED Talk Tuesday, a home-schooled 11 year old deconstructs what’s wrong with our current food system:

Climate Change

Start A Garden, Change The World

Hope you are enjoying a relaxing long weekend Friday, as we are. One of the topics that has come up while we relax and sip our morning tea is the plans for our garden this summer.  98 more words

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Listening to Nature's Operating Instructions: Chef Dan Barber

For TED Talk Tuesday on 350orbust, Chef Dan Barber tells an eloquent and surprising parable of foie gras.

“The most ecological choice for food is also the most ethical choice for food whether we’re talking about brussel sprouts or foie gras. 18 more words

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Smart, Regional Food Production The Answer To Global Food Crisis

It’s TED Talk Tuesday on 350orbust. Louise Fresco is a former UN director, a contributor to think tanks and an advisor to academies in Europe and the United States. 97 more words


It's All About Food - and Zombies

Okay, maybe we don’t need to worry about zombies but we should certainly consider future food shortages, not to mention the pesticide-laced food and genetically modified food¬†(GMO) we are already exposed to on every trip to the grocery store. 662 more words

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