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Satiated in Santorini

My Facebook “memories” reminded me that a year ago today I was in Greece on vacation, and I realized that the moussaka and the fantastic dinner at Koukoumavlos… 330 more words



For the longest time, I thought these fish-shaped waffle treats originated in Korea because I always find them in Korean stores. Turns out, if the Internet is to be believed, they actually came from Japan! 122 more words


Pork pineapple adobo

Who doesn’t love adobo? Even British culinary star Nigella Lawson was singing its praises on social media recently. But, as you and I both know, there are many kinds, as evidenced by the numerous entries on this blog.  364 more words


Pizza and Prayer

Oh the things that transpire in my presence…

I’ll never fully understand it.  Is it a gift?  A curse?  I’ll enlighten you and let you make the call.   1,187 more words


Dim sum breakfast

Got to Chinatown early enough yesterday morning before an appointment and realized I had time for breakfast. So I went to my favorite dim sum place, Jing Fong, and had jasmine tea, shu mai, vegetable dim sum and egg custards as I caught up on the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.


Baseball, booze and a buffet

Baseball fans will tell you that the best way to take in a game is right in the stands surrounded by exuberant fellow fans, hotdog on one hand, maybe a mitt on the other, ready to catch any foul ball that may come your way. 316 more words


Sinigang sa pinya

I have posted about sinigang sa pakwan (Philippine watermelon sour soup) and sinigang sa bayabas (guava-based soup). It gets more exotic. Maggi released green mango and pineapple variants, apart from the ubiquitous tamarind-based soup mixes. 54 more words