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Recipe: Chicken tinola

It’s raining and it’s kinda chilly so, of course, I was totally craving steaming hot chicken tinola. Fortunately, I had the makings of the dish/soup in the fridge. 277 more words


Burong mangga (pickled mangoes)

I bought  a couple of green mangoes but they were way too sour so I decided to pickle them instead. 



Recipe: Tortang Sili (stuffed bell pepper)

We have had a number of posts on tortang talong (eggplant omelette) but I don’t think we have one yet on stuffed bell pepper omelettes. These are more like crabcakes except that we use minced pork instead of crab and encase them in a bell pepper shell for deep-frying. 113 more words


Recipe: Vegetable lumpia

Let’s talk about spring rolls. Specifically, these super simple veggie spring rolls. Because I can tell you right now they are so much better than the ones you get with your lunch order from the Chinese restaurant. 454 more words


Avocado toast & cloud eggs

You’re probably looking at this photo and asking “why?” Because I woke up feeling “extra,” LOL! I’m not sure how popular avocado toasts and cloud eggs are in the Philippines; they’re Instagram favorites over here. 244 more words


Mami with brains

I love eating noodles sold in the streets of Asia, especially in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City. I saw a mami stall in the Bacolor market that had a lot of customers so I thought it would be safe to try it. 150 more words


Kanin Turon a la Cubana

My version of the Japanese maki uses lumpia wrapper, rice, ground pork, and sliced plantain banana. It is my take on the classic arroz a la cubana, rolled into one (get it, roll?). Hehe.