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Hot ginger tea (salabat)

The East Coast is getting blasted with a “bomb cyclone” today, which means heavy snow and punishing winds. So I made ginger tea to keep warm and to soothe my sore throat (I’m blaming the dryness in the air inside my home; the heater is working overtime and the humidifier isn’t helping much). 124 more words


Cho Dang Gol: Post-Christmas dinner

Our homes are packed with all sorts of delicious Christmas leftovers so, of course, my cousins and I decided to go out for dinner the day after. 333 more words


Adobong Kuhol

Somebody gave my mom some snails today but we didn’t have coconut milk to cook these with so I decided on the classic adobo.

INGREDIENTS… 55 more words



We call this bistig in Capampangan and bistek in Filipino. It is a bastardization of beef steak — actually beef chucks marinated and stewed in calamansi juice and soy sauce. 70 more words


Fiesta fish

I call it fiesta fish because it is usually served on festive ocassions. It is rather easy to make but looks and tastes delicious.

Salt a whole fish (any kind of ocean fish) and steam for 30 minutes. 49 more words


Recipe: Chicken tinola

It’s raining and it’s kinda chilly so, of course, I was totally craving steaming hot chicken tinola. Fortunately, I had the makings of the dish/soup in the fridge. 277 more words


Burong mangga (pickled mangoes)

I bought  a couple of green mangoes but they were way too sour so I decided to pickle them instead.