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Salmon ceviche (kinilaw na salmon)

Kilo bangus, or milkfish ceviche, is one of my dad’s favorites, though he pairs it with rice these days rather than beer. I enjoy it, too, but I don’t have the same patience as my mom to debone the fish. 159 more words


Lumpianada 2.0

I had the last batch of the Calumpit longganisa in the freezer and I thought I should make my version of the lumpianada (lumpia+empanada) snack that I used to buy from the merienda manang in the office. 66 more words


Turon (banana lumpia)

One of the easiest Philippine snacks to make is the turon, plantain surrounded by thin egg roll wrapper and caramelized sugar. At least, that’s what I thought until I decided to make some and realized I had no idea how to even slice the banana. 230 more words


Buro + chicharon bulaklak = love

Pungency, acidity and tartness from the fermented rice

Umami and richness from the chicharon (deep fried pork intestine)

Leads to heavenly love.


Provincial lunch

Lunch today was a dish of lagat mangga made of shrimp and green mango slices stewed in shrimp juice. I think this is a uniquely Capampangan dish where you can also use  fresh… 100 more words


Halayang ube (purple yam dessert)

Christmas may be over, but it’s not the only time to enjoy this delicious purple yam treat. In my opinion, this dessert can be enjoyed year-round. 320 more words


Tableas de tsokolate

Watching the snow fall and enjoying a hot cup of chocolate-peanut mix. You had your tsokolateng binatirol the other day, now I’m having mine, courtesy of some choco-peanut tablets my parents gave me. 105 more words