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Lugaw lechon

Lechon chunks in rice porridge.

Enough said.


Sisig matua (old-fashioned Pampanga sisig)

Have you ever tried “sisig matua”? It is made of the ingredients in the typical sisig EXCEPT it does not have butter/margarine, chopped liver, seasoning sauce and definitely NO EGG. 71 more words


Flying saucer

It is essentially a ham and cheese sandwich using a hamburger bun and flattened in a circular grill.

Get it? :)


Buko, sago at pandan drink

Summer refreshment!


  • Pandan leaves
  • Fresh coconut juice and shredded meat
  • Sago or tapioca pearls


Cook the pearls, coconut meat and pandan leaves in several cups of water and a cup of brown sugar. 33 more words


TGIF: Thank God (for) Indian food

We have a delicious tradition at work: On Fridays, we order Indian food for takeout.

Technically, it’s Indian and Pakistani food because we get it from a family-owned Indian and Pakistani restaurant in Huntington Station called… 282 more words


Ebun buru (salted eggs)

When I visit my parents, they always have longganisa (sweet Philippine sausage) and garlic fried rice ready for breakfast. More often than not, they also have salted eggs with fresh tomatoes. 206 more words


Sinigang na ulang

It was a rainy day today and I craved something hot for dinner. What better way to extinguish that craving by cooking “sinigang” (Filipino sour soup). 113 more words