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Samcheonggak- Culture, Tradition, and Food!

Samcheonggak stands for House of Threefold Purity, and is located north of Gyeongbokkung Palace. Originally it was a venue used for banquets, and the halls must hold hundreds of stories after hosting so many diplomatic and political functions! 431 more words


Intestine time –신촌 황소곱창구이

Hwangso Gopchang is a very famous and popular restaurant in Sinchon. and has been around for more than 60 years.
So what is gopchang (곱창)? Gopchang literally means is a dish of grilled intestines of… 272 more words


A Visit at The Farm

Barari… anyone who drives through that service road after E66 along Sheikh Mohd bin Zayed highway would surely be amazed of the lush greenery and the abundance of all things nature. 310 more words


10 Fusion Dishes for the Winter Olympics!

In preparation for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics (held in 2018), chefs have been working on creating new and amazing recipe ideas that will perfectly represent Korea, but also give it a modern and creative twist. 416 more words


Korean Fried Chicken Delivery is Coming!

Living in Korea is full of surprises, one of them is the stunning food delivery service. Everytime you get work late, feel too tired to cook your own meal, or just suddenly feel hungry at midnight, just one call or few touches on your mobile app, the food will be ready within an hour right at your door! 984 more words


Kwonsooksoo- Contemporary Korean Cuisine!

Lets try some Contemporary Korean Cuisine! 

Have you ever wanted to try a real fancy, beautiful, authentic, creative, Korean dining experience? Maybe not all at once, but now you have the chance! 331 more words


Pepero Day ♥♥♥ 빼빼로데이 ♥♥♥11/11

♥♥♥ 빼빼로데이 ♥♥♥

In Korea, there are many special days celebrated, sometimes for no special reasons at all. And Pepero Day is the exact example of such celebration. 165 more words

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