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The Hot Dog Shoppe | Corona, CA

So I’m starting to think that my little brother is the real foodie of the family. He always is trying out new places and telling me about it. 169 more words

Far East Joint | West Covina, CA

Here’s another spot in Southern California that you can go to if you don’t know if you want Korean or American food because its fusion! The spot is called Far East Joint and this is what I got… 207 more words

25 treats

With 25 days to Christmas, the spirit of giving, sharing and gratitude is in the air.

Find out more about the 25 treats up for grabs



Tatsu Ramen | Los Angeles

Late night in L.A. with the boys and so around 2am we ended up at Tatsu for some ramen..

It’s a pretty small spot so you can see people, even at this late (or early morning), waiting for their turn to be seated. 112 more words

Remembering un temps-passé

I love the outdoors, don’t you? The smell of the air when it rains, the coolness of a breeze on a hot sunny day. The warmth of the sun on your flesh when you lie down and let the world go by. 541 more words


Pour & Pair!

‘Is it sherry ‘o’ clock’ I would hear on a Sunday as the hand passed the yard arm.

A phrase I would cherish and recognise as a sign of relaxation, comfort, families, and feasting.

1,095 more words
Life Style Spain

Rose-flavored Kit Kats?

So I saw this box of Kit Kats the other day on sale for $1.99 (usually they’re like $4.99) at an H-Mart (Korean superstore) the other day and was shocked to find out they were rose-flavored! 651 more words