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The Donut Man

I heart donuts. What else is there to say. This donut shop however, is on another level. As you can see, that strawberry filled donut is what it is known for, as it should be. 158 more words

The "Real Food" Farm|Quenching Baltimore's Food Desert

We’ve gotta talk about this ’cause the thirst is real. Open scene…”My stomach is eating a hole through my back”. I could simplify that saying with one word–“hangry” (no typo). 876 more words


ガスト: A Japanese Family Style Restaurant

The first time I visited Japan (2012), we ended up eating at a family style restaurant called Johnathan’s. It was good food and very reasonably prices. 199 more words

The Truth About Detox Teas — Osinga Nutrition | Registered Dietitian in the Durham Region

With all these fads going on with nutrition and health, this is an awesome article.

Thank you Osinga Nutrition for sharing!

What do Kendall Jenner, Snooki, Vanessa Hudgens, and Lindsay Lohan have in common?

30 more words

Foodie Friday: Walburg German Restaurant

German food holds an interesting place for me. While not one of my favorite cuisines (but slowly moving up to the top), I have always appreciated the country where I learned about the world. 554 more words


Lotteria in Kobe, Japan

So this post is a long time coming (taken back in March of 2016). I’ve had other posts that showed I’ve eaten here on previous visits, but this was a special visit. 150 more words

Kountry Folks: Serving Up Homestyle Goodness

Kountry Folks is a home style restaurant that you can visit out in Riverside, CA (SoCal). They serve pretty much what you would think of when read the name. 225 more words