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Instagram Roundup - Italy Part 2 (Rome - Naples)

So Italy! Here’s part 2. Rome and Naples.

Rome was where I spent most of my time, as I was meeting someone there. Unfortunately, it was probably my least favourite. 163 more words


Throwback Thursday: Jinsei Sushi

Because you need another reason to be sold on the fact that Birmingham is one of the most underrated “food” cities around… *inserts sarcasm here* 257 more words


El Jefe Palm Springs

A few months back I shared this post after discovering a gem of a spot in Palm Springs. Well, get ready for round two because I have another one to add to your list on your next trip to the sunshine. 166 more words

Urban Crust. Old Town. New Flavor.

Who doesn’t like pizza?  I mean, it’s hot, melted, stringy cheese, with whatever toppings you can think of and as many as your heart desires…placed ever so beautifully and strategically on top of crunchy, chewy, doughy crust.  495 more words


Treat your taste buds

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Gordon Ramsay’s 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Chelsea! It was by far the most flavoursome experience I have had to date! 108 more words


What's for Dinner?

Chicken Fried Rice!

I was craving some fried rice this week but did not feel like spending $50+ on a hibachi dinner for the whole family so instead I went to Publix and bought the ingredients to make my own fried rice. 508 more words


Easy to make Chinese food 

Do you sometimes crave fried rice and egg rolls? Well worry no longer. I discovered frozen fried rice and NO not the boxes you can microwave but rice that is authentic. 175 more words