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Foodie Tuesdays: Tomato-Avocado salad!

Peace Soulstars,

Avocados aren’t for everyone.  It has taken me years to acquire a taste for avocados so I get it.  I decided to try to make it work because I know they’re good for me.   241 more words

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Foodie Tuesdays: Portobello fajitas!

Peace Soulstars,

I’ve been in the mood for meatless meals lately and found this awesome recipe on the gardengrazer.com for veggie fajitas.   The site is equally as awesome by the way.   165 more words

Soulicious Food

Southwestern Venison Brats

If you’ve never had game meat before, this is a great way to try it. Make these venison bratwursts and have a taste of the wild outdoors. 82 more words

Foodie Tuesdays: Amish Baked Oatmeal

Ben’s favorite breakfast is baked oatmeal. I usually make him something quicker, like toast or eggs, but once in a while I get up early to make this treat. 108 more words

Foodie Tuesdays: Indian Kidney Beans

I love making ethnic food. Especially when I have absolutely no idea what it is. Today, I tried something that I’ve never made before, and it was a winner. 223 more words

Foodie Tuesdays! Pumpkin Spice Latte Pie

Hellooo holiday season! I love Thanksgiving and I love Christmas, so this part of the year is one of my favorites. To kick off the winter holidays, I’m starting a new segment called Foodie Tuesdays. 354 more words