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7 Reasons to Get to Smorgasburg ASAP

“Smorgasburg has been described as “The Woodstock of eating.” With all of the new vendors and some old ones that have new menu items, it’s any foodie’s dream. 35 more words

What You Should Eat at Urbanspace Vanderbilt

“Urbanspace Vanderbilt is like a cozier Chelsea Market. It’s the food court you go to when you don’t feel like walking around and would prefer to just grab a table with friends and eat for a bit. 51 more words

SoHo's Daily Favorite: Daily Eats

#3 Daily Eats, 901 S. Howard

Situated on south Howard just before Bayshore is one of Tampa’s specialty brunch spots, Daily Eats. Part of the Ciccio Restaurant Group, Daily Eats has an offering of the some of the best breakfast food in the area, as well as some of the best service. 274 more words


Read This If It's Only 9 AM And You're Already Thinking About Lunch

It starts out slowly, almost leisurely.

You feel maybe a little distracted, your mind starts to wander. There’s a tingling in your fingertips and a lightness in your chest. 673 more words

Lost in Translation...

The evening wind was frigid cold. Wrapped in layers, very likely overdressed by  local standards, I turn on walking directions on my phone.

I pass by the boutique shop eyeing the candy/nougats packed neatly in sparkly, festive  wrappers for the season. 367 more words

European Holiday

Brunching on the Bay

Breakfast has always been considered the single most important meal of the day, but I’m a college student. Breakfast isn’t always an option when I’m running late to an 8 a.m. 123 more words


Welcome, Tampa eaters!

We eat everyday and every now and then, we deserve a treat. How about for a treat, you take the time to visit one of many Tampa eateries, some ranked the best in the state and even in the nation? 205 more words