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Onion Bhajees

Onion Bhajis

The final component of our recent weekend meal was to produce a cheeky little side snack, in the form of onion bhajis.
Something of a staple whenever we order in a curry, I wanted to step things up and make a bunch of fresh bhajis as opposed to bunging a pack in the oven. 546 more words

All About The Food

Food Visuals in Manchester - Annabel Shi Min Pang

From the previous post, it is no secret that I am a big fan of food. During the weekend, I left for Manchester with my buddy in search for more tantalizing, mouth-watering experiences. 425 more words

Churros Cafe // Dessert Yummies

This was my first time trying out Churros , hearing a lot about it. I don’t know why i havent gone before , because honestly i regret it so much that i havent stumbled upon this earlier . 134 more words


Sesame, Ginger & Oyster Sauce Chicken

This is another one of my mid-week go-to recipes as it’s super quick to make and I usually have all the ingredients in apart from the pak choi. 170 more words

The Road to La Rosa

Let me tell you a little story about how we found La Rosa… a few weekends back, a friend and I were talking about where the illusive “husband” can be found? 454 more words

Made In Joho

The real reason we use salt and pepper (Adobe Audition final)

I currently work as a communications contractor with BoTree Farm, a producer of Kampot Pepper and Fleur de Sel (an outrageously tasty sea salt). BoTree team members are passionate seasoning evangelists, sharing the gospel of what professional chefs know – that proper seasoning is vital to outstanding food – with food-lovers at large. 735 more words