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Buddha Bowls

Of course, I’m off prep and I can finally eat whatever I want! I’ve been dying to put together a “Buddha bowl,” they are healthy, beautiful and have become so trendy – but there’s so much you can put into them; sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. 203 more words


Roasted Sweet Potato, Pomegranate & Quinoa Salad

RSP-P&Q Salad!

Ok.  The name doesn’t roll off the tongue, but the salad is amazing!

With the sunny skies and warmer weather becoming more prominent we all look for something fresh and full of flavour to eat. 295 more words


Foodie paradise Lima: Where to eat?

Peru has a lot of herbs, fruits and ingredients completely unknown in other parts of the world. South America is of course also the origin of the potatoe, quinoa, corn or cacao beans. 287 more words


Vindaloo Fire Dance

Mild or fiery sampler this week on the Does This Happen to You? series on Channillo, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-20790/


Top Restaurants in Toronto (for broke people who like going out)

*As I am still extremely new to the city, this post will be ongoing and updated whenever I discover noteworthy affordable places. *

From reading my blog you will soon learn that I am obsessed with eating good food and drinking good drinks… all the time. 400 more words



This is another one of my favourite foods to work with because you can incorporate so many flavours into it or a minimum amount of flavours and it would still taste good if done right. 423 more words

Cafe Maji

Cafe Maji is such a quaint and an adorable little cafe. I know there are a few locations in Southern California, but the one I went to is in Artesia, Ca. 671 more words