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Foodie Snacks For 100 or Less

I can always make a long story longer, but the short of it is I don’t eat the way I used to.

That means I read food product labels; I don’t eat as much processed food; I cook from scratch even more than I used to; I log my food with an online app; and I eat ‘normal’ portion sizes. 564 more words


JG Sports: Philadelphia Doesn’t Need Rocky To Be Their Hero Anymore

Philadelphia is an interesting place. Like a really interesting place. A city with so much history, passion, love, intensity, art & culture. Iconic figures, great food (yes besides cheesesteaks) fantastic music, the birthplace of this country and so much more. 1,480 more words



OK. So I promised in a few other blogs that I would show you how to make homemade marshmallows. Don’t get freaked out…they are easier than you think. 756 more words



Chickpeas is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine to make a variety of dishes like falafel, hummus and even salad. This salad is very refreshing and filling because of the chickpeas it is also vegan for those looking for new dishes to try. 292 more words


News - "Even the wrappers for fast food are bad for you"

nypost.com – Even the wrappers at burger joints are fattening.

Fast-food wrappers contain chemicals known as perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs for short) — and exposure to them appears to slow down the metabolism, according to new research out of Harvard’s School of Public Health. 117 more words


It's Your Lucky Day!

It’s Foodie Friday and if you’ve been paying attention to the calendar, you’ve already had a month full of pizza, wine, heavenly hash, tater tots, frozen yogurt, plum pudding, and tortellini. 392 more words

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It Was a Wise Man or: Beer!


As The Beer Dads embark on our first actual “mini-vacation” with each other to the nether regions of Asheville, NC, this weekend, I wonder if that will be enough beer for us? 391 more words

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