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Curd Rice : South Indian Soul Food

There are some dishes which don’t just soothe your appetite but also comfort your soul. My husband is a curd addict, and whenever he feels low , I make this quick recipe and serve it along with a warm cushy hug 🤗 . 369 more words


Reminiscence: The Crumb Chronicles

I always saw myself as a precocious little girl, growing up. While my insistence in spending every evening completing my homework rather than stepping out to play might have been more attributable to laziness than anything else, my food choices were equally peculiar. 916 more words


Reviews: Progressive Oriental House, Lower Parel

Being relatively new to the food blogging community in Mumbai, most of my tip offs and bookmarks of good places to grab a meal at are solely dependent on a careful evaluation of reviews on the Zomato site, with recommendations from the more trusted users there that I follow. 964 more words


Ministry of Happiness :)

You know the feeling that you get when something makes you smile so wide? A hug from someone you love, your favorite team winning, you finally getting what you desired for. 576 more words