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Butterless Vanilla Cake & Chocolate Ganache!

Good Morning Everyone!

Today is the 5th of October! Yes, October!

Do you guys feel this year, the days, months and times passes so quick? so fast?, three more months and we’re going to celebrate another new year! 306 more words


Simple Kiwi Cake!

Good Morning Everyone!!

Today is Friday again! I bet most of you, or all of you must be very happy about it right? Hahaha! Because I’m happy as well! 266 more words


LEMon Yogurt Cake

Lemon Yogurt Cake is a one bowl cake, super moist, tangy, sweet and super soft.

I love this cake for it’s simplicity. The days i want to bake, but not in a mood for an elaborate cake, i make this. 241 more words


CITrus Vanilla Curd

I got this new juicer and i had to use it. I had few oranges and Kumquat in my fridge. And what better than making a curd, smooth silky, buttery, tangy sweet curd. 286 more words


Tre Mont - Medan

Nasi Goreng Rendang Sapi | Aglio Olio | Caesar Salad | Pisang Goreng Coklat & Keju


Initial Idea

This week is my first week back at Uni and in preparation for this week I had to start my dissertation!

I’ve decided I’m going to investigate food photography as an art form. 349 more words