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Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes!

This is my favourite cupcake recipe! It’s the moistest cupcake you’ll ever make, but yet it’s so easy! You’ll just need to get your hands on some good cocoa powder and some dark chocolate, 70% cocoa or more is best! 451 more words


PEAr Chips


2 nos – Pear, ripe yet firm

1 cup – Sugar

2 cups – Water

1 tsp – Vanilla extract


Boil water and sugar in a wide sauce pan. 107 more words

Candy Box

A strip of nostalgia

It’s Friday Night and yes the feelings right oh what a night. 


Considering it’s the most loved time of the week right now ( for many people) I have decided to share a recently developed film strip of mine. 131 more words


If it starts with an O and ends with an ATS it'll be in my tummy before you can say CATS.

I would just like to dedicate this post to a very special something in my life.


Let’s all get real here. Oats are magical little grains that come from a magical little land that allows them to be rolled, steel-cut or even ground to a flour.

152 more words

Chelsea Date Buns

So I have just a few weird habits.

1. Occasionally listening to Phil Collins and Westlife late at night when nothing else seems to appeal to my senses as much. 1,015 more words


Bananas in Pyjamas

Hello glorious bloggers!I managed to get through the day and I have completed my maths homework. YAY!

Now that I have patted myself on the back, more than three times, I would like to tell you about the most… 425 more words