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Hearty Irish Homemade food

Everytime we visit Ireland my mother and I impatiently await our homemade dinner made by the Irish side of my family.

A holiday ritual we sit in their wood and coal heated fire eating filling homely food. 104 more words


Ultimate Salted Double Chocolate Muffin

This is some really intense salted double chocolate muffin. I happened to chance across this recipe. I was craving for something superrrr chocolate-y. There were a few recipes that I found to be suitable (I typically evaluate this on the photos, comments, reviews and my understanding of the science-y purposes of each ingredient). 518 more words

Blackberry smoothie

Beautiful day with a smoothie filled with energy.


– 1 banana

– 1 cup blackberries

– 100 ml rice milk


Place all the ingredients in the blender and process until smooth. Enjoy!


Tana Daily Telegraph reblogged this on Tana Daily Telegraph and commented:

Mmmh! Strawberry smoothie. I admire the simplicity with which you've described this recipe. Because usually when I see the paraphrase 'organic that', 'organic this' I get cold chills down my spine due to the prohibitive nature of shelf-dynamics associated with anything 'organic' at grocery outlets. Thank you for sharing this incredible recipe. Am now motivated to try out 'organic' more often.

BEEtroot Halwa


1 cup – Semolina (upma rava)

3/4 cup – Sugar

2 cups – Water

1/2 cup – Grated beetroot

1/4 cup – Ghee/clarified butter… 162 more words


No Bake Yogurt Tart!

Good Morning People!

Its Friday again! Yay!

This morning,  I woke up quite early than usual, well I woke up at 3 am.

Now, I think all of you must be wondering why in the hell did I wake up so early, right? 271 more words