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Murph making me hangry bright and early today...

why wasn’t this flavor available when there was a mass order placed?!


Got a little taste of pizza loves Emily and I didn't even have to go to BK!

even thogh venturing to the east side felt like I might as well be. Mimi Cheng’s special of the month is the Pizza Loves Emily Burger, wait for it…..IN A DUMPLING. 55 more words


In mood for a VERY SPICY Pizza?

Been a Pizza lover all my life ¬†starting with my mom’s home made pizza at 5 and ¬†experimenting with different crust, cheese, toppings and different baking styles. 37 more words


Poole's Diner everyone...

should you find yourself in Raleigh, NC anytime soon I highly suggest you have dinner at Pooles (and wear stretchy pants)

1- Tomato and Celery salad with grilled cornbread croutons (heaven) 38 more words


Last night's DESTRUCTION

Momofuku birthday cake…aka funfetti on crack most likely has a normal persons yearly sugar intake in one bite. WELP.

Love you CALI!


Perfection......on a plate

Heaven. All I want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner next Tuesday (a la my approaching higher mid twenties dperession day)