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Perfection......on a plate

Heaven. All I want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner next Tuesday (a la my approaching higher mid twenties dperession day)


Pizza with PENELOPE Friday night....

plus some WHITE GiRL ROSE (please spend the extra 3 dollars and buy whispering angel, don’t even waste your time)

Generally not a doughy pizza gal but I liked this, PLUS I love the little pepperonis…


According to Cruz, the birthday cake at Billy's Bakery is better than Momofuku birthday cake....

I want to say challenge, but Cruz and I see eye to eye on desserts so I’m hesitant to disagree with her. Looks like I’ll have to do a taste test of both in a few weeks and put these rumors to rest…. 11 more words


Tallulah on Thames is my new favorite restaurant of all time..

starting clockwise from the left…fried green tomato dish, charred broccoli/hummus combo, sea bass (heaven and I’m not a huge seafood gal), followed by zucchini cake with caramel chocolate goodness. 37 more words