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Fooey - The fantastic OAP Pussy Cat!

Tales of Fooey

Here are a few Tales of Fooey I’d like to tell.

Fooey is one of me Sister Jane and Brother in Law Pete’s cats. 498 more words


friday night

Boxed with Tom last night after he told me I could slap him across the face. He let me turn his head to the side I wanted so I could get him with my good hand. 112 more words


Confessions: Why I Sprayed my Boobs with Fooey! Ultra-Bitter Spray

Yes, it is true.  I sprayed my boobs with Fooey! Ultra-Bitter Spray to get my daughter to stop breast feeding.  I know this may sound cruel, but drastic times call for drastic measures. 590 more words


Evanston Store Sues The Gap Over T-Shirt Design

CHICAGO (CBS) – An Evanston store is taking on a clothing giant, accusing the Gap of swiping one of its designs.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Chicago Friday, Fooey, Inc claims that the Gap started selling a shirt two years ago featuring a design similar to one on a polo shirt Fooey sold in its store in 2005. 69 more words


Waiter, there's a finger in my soup.

Silence Dogood here. I was heating a bowl of my homemade soup in an ovenproof single-serving dish, and I was getting hungrier by the minute. Was it hot enough yet? 379 more words

Wit And Wisdom

The Adorable Pillow Story and Kodi Update

A very sweet boy is laying beside me on the bed, his head resting on my shoulder. He wanted me to tell you he’s doing much better! 1,017 more words

Furry Family

Don't you hate it when...

I had a great original idea that I told to a few people.  Everyone that I mentioned it to said that it was something that they had never seen before, and that it was a fantastic idea.   127 more words

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