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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Today we had a workshop with Olwen on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This theory graphically demonstrates the building blocks to reaching ones self actualisation. This will play a major factor in our persuasion project. 205 more words

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April Fools!!!

Its the time of the year again to be April Fooled!!! here I’ve listed down the Best April Fools prank Idea’s  around the globe.  (Don’t worry this not a joke!) 63 more words

My Opinion


Fool me once shame on you
fool me twice shame on me
but fool me three times and you’ll see
that sometimes even I can be
something of a trickster too.


Don't be fooled, its April Fool's Day.

This is wishing you a happy new month but try and avoid being fooled by pranksters because its April Fool’s Day. Most importantly read every news item you come across today with a magnifying glass as some may be just for a laugh. 17 more words


Some Dogs Dont Cry Woof

Some dogs don’t bark or bite.

Some dogs bark and don’t bite.

Some dogs bark and bite.

Some dogs don’t bark, but bite. Fear that one the most.

One A Day

How Digital Marketing beat me...

It was a gloomy Tuesday afternoon on that fateful day in Essendon. A quiet day in the office, too. So quiet, in fact, I had drawn a countdown tally from 9am to 5pm. 805 more words

Dark is the new black

And there was a commotion in the wilderness
howling’s from the past creeping into the new
it spread as water over a smooth surface
dripping down over the cornerstone… 57 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"