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Perfectly Hurt

“I opened my eyes to the things we could have been, we could have done…

It was such a beautiful night. Your arms wrapped around my waist. 511 more words


No Strings Attached

There was never an us,

But there was together.

There was never love,

You said it wasn’t lust.

There was no connection,

But I really like you. 10 more words


How MakeMyTrip.com fooled me!

Warning: Angry Post.

Background: In April 2015, MakeMyTrip.com ran a travel contest called ‘#DiscoverTurkey’ in a question-answer game format and in May 2015, three winners were declared, including me. 578 more words


To The Guy I Was Ready To Give Everything To

At the moment it happened, I’ve realized it was over. It was like a rush of blood flowing from my veins to my heart. At that moment when he said those words, my love turned to anger. 873 more words


Like a cold winter morn
I open to the sunny day
reaching for the canopy
longing for the way.
A way I fall too short of… 61 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

لوگوں میں موجود عام غلط فہمیاں اور ان کی حقیقت

لوگوں کے درمیان عام پائی جانے والی چند ایسی ہی غلط فہمیوں کا ذکر آج ہم اپنے اس آرٹیکل میں کریں گے جنہیں سائنس نے بالکل بےبنیاد قرار دیا ہے-


Q111. What are you when your body is not you?

A. Come again tomorrow.
I can’t tell you the answer today because I am not well today.

Come again tomorrow?
Don’t be fooled any more by the master. 48 more words