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It was just then at that moment,it had clicked,it was him,him all along.Trying not to show the  state of panic through her face,she  forced out a smile how could she have been so dumb.All she could think was but why?,why would you do this?,and how the hell am i going to get out of here alive?.He turned to her and stared straight into her blue dazzling eyes,as if nothing had ever happened.His eyes looked stone cold,the hairs on her neck stood up high,she felt sick.”You look so beautiful,especially in this light”,he leaned in to kiss her.Her natural reaction was to push him away,but luckily she had a second to think,she had to kiss him,if she wanted to survive she had no option. 110 more words


I believe I may have been hoodwinked!

Tricked, lied to, deceived etc. etc.

Why? I don’t know…that is a really good question.

Possibly out of fear? 253 more words

Fact or Fiction; Weight loss myths

Starving myself will help me lose weight

It’s not uncommon to think that not eating will help us lose weight. We figure if we don’t put anything into our bodies at all, 516 more words


You act like I didn’t notice.

But I did.

I saw the small signs happening well before you ever did. I felt the shorter hugs, the less firm holds, and the slight distance you now put as we walk together. 142 more words



I see you smile at me.

But I am not fooled. 259 more words


The Beard - it isn't just for men

Beard – a man or woman used as a cover for a gay partner

Damn you match.com….I fell for your trickery again!  My potential match, we’ll call him Beard, and I took part in some witty banter one lovely Tuesday afternoon, after exchanging numbers.   2,197 more words

Modern Romance