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Loved Ones

Loved ones are ones who are loved for nothing

They may neglect you; they may not value you

They may hug you, they may kiss you… 53 more words

Frozen heart 

Is it everything you ever dreamed of? Are you happy? When you smile, do you do it because you feel like smiling or because of commitment? 267 more words



It’s not a game. Life, is a continuation of emotions flowing throughout the clouds above our heads. It seems unreasonable to us from time to time. 140 more words


Why do we get fooled?

I’m sure this question has crossed your mind, or you’ve heard this asked, at least once. Perhaps, a few things come to your mind when you come across this. 296 more words


The "Catfish" Lesson: Don't be a Fool

In Self & Society in Virtual Contexts CM308 we watched the documentary Catfish. If you haven’t had the chance to watch this movie and you spend… 197 more words


Pet FOOleD - Our Review | Two Crazy Cat Ladies - YouTube

Insightful, informative, encouraging and revealing… Just a few of the words that describe this incredible film. Pet FOOleD exposes the truth about the pet food industry. 16 more words

A Good Morning

“How could he have done that?” the girl wearing the blue and green scarf sobbed. 225 more words