New shoes

You like? I do. I can stomp on you hard with these clunky platforms. And afterwards, you can give me a foot rub.

Why you like feet

It’s a curious thing, this fetish with feet that seems to have evolved into a modern-day inclination.

But why are so many of us curious about the foot? 69 more words

Improper Bohemians

Intro to Porn: Foot Fetish

If you’re like me, when you’re out in public and see a good looking woman, you wonder what kind of sounds does she make during sex? 816 more words


Ball-buster, shut your mouth and know your place.

Stop talking, little girl, have you not figured out yet, how his frame of mind is different than yours? He  looks at your mouth opening while you talk and he just prays the whole ordeal will be over soon,  this requires too much energy, it is draining. 1,311 more words

A Day With August Ames


The stunningly beautiful, sexy August Ames is your loving girlfriend. She loves you more than words could describe and she would do anything to please you. 166 more words


The Aroma Factor

Having the combination of both a pantyhose fetish and a foot fetish always means mixed emotions about the changing of the seasons. With the weather getting warmer, I’ve had to say a teary goodbye to my wife’s pantyhose and tights. 278 more words

Foot Fetish

Your Personal Nurse


Celebrate National Nurses Week with your very own private nurse, Whitney! She is the most caring, kindest, prettiest, and naturally the sexiest nurse you have ever met. 109 more words