The sexual attraction or arousal by feet is called foot fetishism, podophilia, foot worship or foot partialism. This happens to be one of the most common sexual fetishes that have to do with no sexual body parts or objects. 175 more words

Pedicure time

It’s that time again. Time for a pedicure. I do them myself because I’m particular about who I trust to touch my feet plus I really don’t like spending my money to get them done. 12 more words

Female Feet

Toes Water ...lost in la la land

ok i wasnt really lost

but it is france so i can still get away with calling it la la land haha

i am still in pain… 206 more words

Introductions may be in order

Hey there darlings glad you could join me I hope you enjoy this little ol’ blog of mine I’m sure many fans of pretty feet and soles will greatly appreciate it as will I them. 94 more words

Female Feet

Burnin' Ring of Fire!

Finally, I got my puppy tail, that’s the good news! I now have an incredibly sore a-hole…. Expletives cannot begin to adequately describe how Fucking Painful that is right now! 235 more words

Flirting with online dating!

I came to England for a fresh start. Deciding to enroll at university, I figured I was bound to meet someone to date in the library, the cafe, or at class! 190 more words

Chick Lit

A Velvetsoles.com model (Fiverr Gig)

One of the models for VelvetSoles.com thought ppl should get her pictures early. Heres a link to her Fiverr page.