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I was wracked with insomnia once again last night but knew I couldn’t cancel on R; he had threatened to jump off the bridge if I didn’t show up. 909 more words


This device was fitted inside the folds of her pussy and had a tail that snuck just inside the opening to her vagina.  He scanned her actual pussy, lips open, and created the shell using a 3D printer.  916 more words


Calze e gonnellina

Cosa c’è di meglio? Be’, sì, ci sono anche tante altre varianti più che interessanti, ma questa senza dubbio vale la pena, specialmente se ci sono due bei piedi da leccare come questi.

Foot Fetish

Do You See Me?

This evening I drove my daughter back to the hospital. She asked to stop at a store and we did; I walked behind her like a bodyguard while she strolled through commenting on everything she saw. 759 more words

Scure o chiare?

Non lo so, lo ammetto. Non conosco la risposta alla domanda: meglio le calze scure o chiare per delle belle gambe e dei bei piedi femminili? 89 more words

Foot Fetish

My "WEIRD" Foot Fetish


I’m sorry for the long time spans between posts, I’ll try to have more to speak on and document it on WordPress as much as possible! 438 more words



Come ho già sottolineato in un’altra occasione, una sola vista non basta: per apprezzare dei bei piedi femminili, bisogna poterli guardare da tutte le parti. 33 more words

Foot Fetish