Ocd about perversion

Obsession addiction to the fight

Normalcy formalcy

Fetish kill fetishcide

Ocd former me

Obsess about being sex deviant

Alleviate allegiant

Know no urges but urge to purge it… 39 more words

My Story

Mixxa Mixxa

Perfect pedicure
Cream tip dreamary
Past the Tarantino days
But loving the perfection
Like Sumerian cuneiform
Wedged, shaped and beautiful
Feel bad feel shame cause the media places us… 60 more words


"A Different Kind of Rest"

“I’m pulling off at the next exit,” radioed Malin to the pair of pickup trucks behind her. Each carried a slew of geological equipment and an attachable camping pod, their occupants having recently come from the rural backcountry. 2,363 more words

99cent store #5

kinda tuff to get a handle on who to shoot ,got to keep it cool ,you know.Saw a Filipino lady with her kids running around …..she apparently has duck feet ! 68 more words

Foot Fetish

not enough change #4

so this lady was with her family ,I think they are from California .She was paying but she ran out of money !she paid with her card but it wasn’t enough I guess .Then she gave the cashier a hand full of change while I was snapping shots of her feet.The man behind me volunteered to give her a dollar,I would, 41 more words

Foot Fetish


Nestled within the rural mountains, Ostrom Community College prided itself on being a sanctuary of the Arts. Many regarded it as the “Stonecutter’s Library” due to the wide range of techniques passed down through a variety of creative disciplines. 2,734 more words

botched attempt older ebony feet #3

So I was at the supermarket and I noticed this older ebony with decent toes. I go in line and right before I get to her ,this older white male jumps in before me. 39 more words

Foot Fetish