Constructive Criticism: Mecha-Marco

Welcome back to the Manifesto’s regular feature where I provide a builder with some feedback that is hopefully both entertaining and helpful.  The format is simple: a reader submits a model for evaluation, I come up with at least one good thing about it, at least one bad thing and one random observation that falls outside the first two categories. 1,707 more words

Model Spotlight

A Foot Fetish Pioneer

In the late 50’s, Elmer Batters took up a camera and began on a long journey. He spent the better part of his life photographing women’s feet, legs and boobs (focusing on the feet). 382 more words

Kaley Kade

fetishist vs submissive


I’m a little confused about some things I’ve heard vaguely referred to as “protocol”.  I play with pros once in a while, mostly for foot worship, though I occasionally enjoy a little cross dressing.  566 more words


Haters Be Hatin’

It’s crucial to my job to put a smile on my face, because no one wants to look at a frowning chick on a webcam. If I’m in a bad mood, I stay off camera, since there is no need to take anything out on strangers that are trying to escape from their own worlds. 507 more words


Strange Requests

Just like with any job, sometimes the people you have to deal with are a little “different”, to put it lightly. But in the adult industry, “different” is an understatement. 214 more words

Foot Fetish

Re:Zero: Camera Shots and Angles in the Foot Fetish Scene

“I’m the foot fuckin’ master.” – Jules, Pulp Fiction.

The third arc of Re:Zero -Starting Life in another World- begins with a tedious grind of forced misunderstandings and annoying displays of male chauvinism from the protagonist, but it also contains my favorite scene in the anime thus far: the foot fetish scene. 591 more words


Creeper In Houston Is Targeting Female Real Estate Agents Feet!

If you are a female real estate agent you need to be on your toes, literally and figuratively because there is a creeper out there contacting ladies and pretending to be interested in properties and then it start to get creeping! 77 more words