I'm Still Here Bitches !!!!

Happy 4th ! Ok I’m a little late on that ,but I don’t care , take it or leave it ! ūüėą Mine was awesome, blowing shit up while intoxicated , what’s more fun than that ! 62 more words

Human toe stolen from bar.

Workers at the Downtown Hotel Inn in Dawson City Canada are furious after a human severed toe was stolen from the bar.

Like me, you’re probably wondering why a severed toe would be in a bar in the first place. 228 more words

I Can't Believe Its In The News!

New story!

Putting out for Prada is up on the Patreon for all $5/month subscribers. If you don’t like to side-load ebooks to your reader, it should be available on Kindle later today.

The Never Ending Orgasm

It had been a long summer.  He had been doing most of my investigative work with rental car trips or video conferencing via Skype on his company laptop thanks to a travel ban at work.  1,518 more words


Dettagli (1)

Cos’√® che invoglia di pi√Ļ il vero feticista DOC – quale mi pregio di essere – ad accarazzare, baciare e leccare dei magnifici piedi femminili? La forma? 28 more words

Foot Fetish

Zac Efron's Barefoot Punishment

Zac Efron was a star. One of the biggest stars on the planet, in fact.

And he knew it.

When he first signed to his management team he had been a modest teenager. 1,065 more words

Zac Efron

A Strange Request from a Colleague

Kindness. It’s a good thing, right? Treat others how you’d like to be treated. Well yeah, I agree and I love to put myself out to help others. 1,672 more words