It's All About The Feet

As I’m locked in chastity longer and longer, I find that the things which turn me on are constantly expanding as well! Lately, it has been feet. 873 more words

Male Chastity

Interview With "cashprincessamber"!

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I’m a 27 year old girl from Essex, United Kingdom. I’m a very happy girl who loves to smile and laugh. 232 more words

Interview With "ms_harleyb"!

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I’m 33 years old from Wales. I’m happy and bubbly and have been a foot model for 3 weeks! 209 more words

Flower Face Foot

for/from “Bohemian Rockstar”

I never understood the appeal, point of foot fetishism until the moment that his right foot pressed against my left cheek, and oh-god, I wanted to stay in that position forever… and after he lifted it, I crawled after his departing foot, feet, as if they were my god. 614 more words

Interludes & Outtakes (words On The Floor)

Interview With "ms_maddy_69"!

Tell Everyone a Bit About Yourself!

I’m Maddy! I’m 34 and live in Wales, United Kingdom. I got into the foot fetish and foot model scene on Instagram 6 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! 371 more words

High Heels Are My Weakness

Everyone has a weakness. High heels happen to be mine. Feast your eyes upon these gorgeous women rockin high heels! 73 more words


Barefoot sister

Annie was a bit down on her luck. She had a good job. She geaduated from colege with at high marks. A compony she did some summer internship for hired her right after she graduated. 939 more words