More Tanizaki short fictions

(1913 portrait)

There must be Japanese who consider that Tanizaki Jun’ichirô shows too much light on obsessive and/or fetishistic Japanese love relationships. One of his equations of unfortunate modernization and overillumination spins out of a paean to nô stylization: “The Kabuki is ultimately a world of sham, having little to do with beauty in the natural state. 678 more words

Japanese Literature

He's Hot For Teacher's Feet

L.M. wrote: “I have a thing for feet. There is a teacher in her 40’s, she helps me out by stopping the bullies for me (I get bullied for a different matter even though people found out about my foot fetish and bullied me for a while, it stopped). 391 more words

The Naked Advice

Beyond Stage Two

The Warrior and I decided not to call them dates, mainly because your typical first dates usually only go for about one or two hours. Long enough to sus each other out. 482 more words

It's been a while .....

It’s been a little while since my last blog.

Life has been manic and all 3 kids have been ill and I have been up to my armpits in snot ….. 124 more words

Well Worn

Foot Goddess - Everything's a Changing ...

What’s up my lovely footie freaks !!! I’ve been away …. Again . My loyal readers already know that I have bipolar disorder , I recently lost my grandmother so I’ve been in the dumps …. 83 more words

How A Normal Girl Like Me Found Herself On The Receiving End Of A Foot Fetish

“Make me swallow your spit,” he suggests, momentarily breaking the spell of our role-play.

I’m simply horrified. I look down into his hopeful, hazel eyes and manage to hock up a vicous loogie of such thick consistency that it hangs for a couple seconds before plopping into his waiting mouth. 612 more words

Foot Fetish Wednesday (Or Should it be Friday?)

I know. You don’t have to tell me. I’m not right in the head.