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... What a Damned Idiot [#Michael Moore]...

.. as if things were not bad enough ..

.. now , Mikey – boy shoots off his mouth . Yes , he did it , yet again . 225 more words

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... Oh , Nice Going , Dummies [#Mayor " Big Bird "][#Miz Hillary][#racial joke]...

.. a couple of days ago , NYC Mayor Bill ” Big Bird ” de Blasio and Miz Hillary were attending a fundraiser cum – charity event . 175 more words

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Putting a foot in it.

Communicating properly is not given to everyone. Subject-verb-complement. The premise, the conclusion. Moreover, we must sprinkle everything with tact and diplomacy. Subject-verb-compliment. To understand what can and cannot be said. 730 more words

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A "Foot In Mouth Disease" Limerick

Let me begin by saying that a lot of what I am writing about here, I learned from first-hand experience. I have long been guilty of talking without thinking first. 319 more words


... His Lordship will regret This [#POTUS commentary]...

.. more than that , so will the DemoCraps …

.. ..
.. to the blog post …

.. Ideally , a politician should try not to stick one ‘ s foot into one ‘ s mouth and then to shoot it off . 16 more words

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... Donald Trump -- What an Ass [#public comments]...

.. yep , you heard me right …. I am calling Donald Trump an Ass ..

.. why ? .. he deserves it ..

.. his public comments at any event are bound to make news . 234 more words

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He wanted to lash out,

Being caught the reason no doubt…

Ego stung

When reactions had begun,

Out there he had no clout. 47 more words