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Types of steering Linkage

Types of steering Linkages:

  1. Conventional steering Linkage.
  2. Direct cross type steering linkage
  3. Three piece steering linkage
  4. center arm steering linkage
  5. Relay type steering linkage.
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Special Tests of the Foot

Special Tests

Feiss’ Line Test :

Position of Athlete : Athlete is sitting with his/her feet off the end of the table

Steps : Examiner places a mark on the apex of the medial malleolus, the navicular tubercle and the plantar aspect of the first MTP joint and draws a line connecting the marks. 290 more words

Foot Unit

Assessment of the Foot

Assessment :

  • Mechanism of Injury :
    • What happened? What were you doing? How did it happen? Where were you? How did it twist/turn/etc?
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Foot Unit

Arches of Foot

The Medial Longitudinal arch runs along the medial aspect of the foot.

The Metatarsal arch is shaped by the heads of the metatarsals.

The Transverse Arch extends across the tarsal bones. 13 more words

Foot Unit

Muslces of the Foot

Muscles of The Foot

Extensor Hallicus Longus :

    Origin :

Middle half of anterior surface of Fibula.

Adjacent interosseous membrane.

Insertion :

Base of distal phalanx of great toe. 1,134 more words

Foot Unit