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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

So as you read recently, things have been better here so far this year.  I have been actively making changes in my life, or Changing the Dance… 736 more words


foot ahead

walked in behind

and shuffle like a playlist

and what is the creation

and how it feels as it was the second coming

and its own rushed as a hit… 44 more words


My Foot Fell Asleep Into Dreaming

My foot fell asleep into dreaming

All of the tingly things

Of zippers zip-zapping

And flappers flip-flapping

Champagne in a bubbling spring

My foot fell asleep into dreaming… 40 more words


Part 4, project 4, exercise 1: Structure - Feet

3 October, 2015. I just thought that this exercise would be an ideal point to use again all the drawing materials I have come across so far in the course. 9 more words


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Beautiful Jewelry
Beautiful jewelry | The Most Beautiful Jewelry For Summer Jewelry | She Look Book
How many thumbs up to this?
Beautiful Jewelry The Art Of Wearing Adorable Tiny Rings Vintage Tooled Artisan Brass “Fruit of the… 14 more words