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33wks Bump - Finally "Weight bearing" Kinda...

It’s been 14 weeks, 99 days (Just over 3 months) since I fainted and ended up in A&E with a Lis Franc Fracture in my left foot at 19 weeks pregnant. 490 more words

5 ridiculous condo names in Singapore

At some point, property developers decided that the fancier the condo name, the more luxurious it would seem. It’s the Haagen-Dazs effect (Haagen Dazs is not a real word, the founder picked it because people would pay more for foreign sounding ice creams. 933 more words


Work of the Week #10


In the book Pathallea, the various races there have their own standards of measuring distance.  The units used in the book are shown below: 33 more words


My Foot

I had my appointment at the hospital yesterday afternoon to see what we can do about my foot.

The answer….Nothing!

The surgeon (who I found to be quite arrogant)  pretty much told me to go home, take pain killers and see a podiatrist or put up with the pain because its ‘post traumatic arthritis’ I am thinking of getting a second opinion but I’m not sure if its something worth doing at this stage. 228 more words

My secret fetish (part two)

I went back and sat down watching her. She was looking at me and i could see she was so horny. Started licking her lips, talking slowly and nice to me. 381 more words


House Tour: A 650 Square Foot New York Newlywed Nest | Apartment Therapy

Nicely done, Brian and Tanika. Lots of style on a moderate budget. A great NYC apartment.

Name: Tanika and Brian Hochhauser (plus George the turtle and Tansy the dog) Location: Long Island City, New York, New York Size: 650 square feet Years lived in: 6 months You might recognize Tanika and Brian from the Love Videos, where they shared the charming story of how they met (and of their spur-of-the-moment wedding). 86 more words