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true legends

True legends –

True legends of football all together would be seen as the biggest names in the sport now and in the past the people who have changed the game forever who took the games an extra mile and I will be introducing you to some of the big name soccer players who have changed my perspective on the game and anyone who loves the sport would know these players… 243 more words


Baseball-I Feel Like I Can't Breathe.

Tag just left to go to his last baseball practice. OF HIS LIFE. And I feel like I can’t breathe.

It seems like such a short time ago that I was picking up and dropping off and watching and cheering and washing and packing and cooking and feeding to the point that I was so overwhelmed…I felt like I couldn’t breathe. 764 more words


English premier league

English primer league –

In the 2015/2016 season we had one of the most amazing scenes and surprises as we see one of the teams who have just come up from the English league 2 ,2 year ago see to have amazed everyone when they play to clinch games from the biggest teams in the league within the first couple weeks they looked very promising but no one ever gave them hope to actually win the league ,some of the big name sin the squad such as Jamie vardy a truly inspirational character  get picked up in the squad at an amazing age of 26 which would be the peak of some professional players but it was his start to the career being seen as the saviour of lecister by almost having a 67 percent change of scoring every time he shot was one of the highest percentage within the league but not high enough to secure him the top goal scorer but also does mean he won a lot of the play of month awards nearly over 5 but the real inspiration story come within the midfield a player named  mayhem rahyerz which was a very sad but true a story he began his journey at 18 when he got a chance play for lecister but did not have enough money to pay for the ticket so his mum paid with the little money left over and he told her that he would pay her back the second he got the money and the day they won the league he payed her most 10x the amount she gave him just as a thank you for taking care of him and for thanking him for giving him the chance to play football and play the sport he loved . 73 more words


I Believe in Arsenal-ism!

A few weeks ago whilst at an event with some friends, I started jumping around and screaming in anger in public for no obvious reason. I wasn’t having a meltdown. 418 more words


Macmillian Chairty Day

Sunday 1st May; I attended a all day chairty event at Shoreham FC.

As you enter you buy raffle tickets kind of like your entry. Shortly after was a chairty football match, both teams where a mixture of ages. 102 more words

UEFA Champions - What, where and how

    Football might be the most exciting sport one may witness. 90 minutes of sheer entertainment that attracts the most enthusiastic of crowds. Football, as a sport, has inculcated so deeply in our lives that one doesn’t fail to notice its presence. 350 more words


29- Not a football fan... / No soy fan del fútbol...

… but you are always really happy to hear from your colleagues around, that they played so fine.
… pero resulta siempre agradable que tus colegas te digan que han jugado muy bien.

Love Of My Life/Amores De Mi Vida