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Seven Reasons Why to Choose Star Football Academy for Football Classes in Mirdif

  1. Star football academy has football training all year round, and we have Indoor and outdoor football classes for kids from 3 to 16 years old. Playing Football for all year round is vital for the developing of your child as During Indoor football classes the speed of the ball will be faster.
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How Joining a Football Academy Can Benefit Youngsters

For many youngsters in areas Dubai and Sharjah, the dream of being a football star is one which reigns supreme. The likes of Omar Abdul Rahman provides us all with an inspiration to push further with our dreams, and to achieve a level of success previously never seen in the Gulf region. 472 more words


Sergio Gargelli on futsal's relationship with football player development and positional play

Sergio Gargelli is a 43 years old futsal coach from the city of Firenze in Italy, who now is in charge of the Norwegian national futsal team – a job he’s had for about a year now. 4,814 more words


How to Make Matches More Fun?

10 Small-Sided Games and Ideas to Spice up Training Matches

All kids love to play matches. They want to play matches all the time. From the first minute up until the last minute of your training session. 808 more words


My Coaching Experience - Weekly Blog

So, it’s been a long journey. I’ve had my arm twisted and threatened to be given a “granddad” by my trusted co-host of the Opposites Attack podcast, Just Deacon. 2,355 more words

The FM Teacher

The Bubba Conundrum

I’m a big boy. A lineman for life. “Husky” was my Sears Toughskin categorization as a kid. I loved coaching the big boys of the offensive and defensive line in my football coaching days. 750 more words


What it takes to tackle coaching

As a mother to three beautiful boys, the first things we played with were in fact footballs. My children are all keen footballers and my eldest even has a YouTube channel called the indoor freestyler where he shows football skills and does challenges from home and yes, he does break things and no, I do not recommend ball games indoors! 989 more words

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