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Developing an RPO Offense Part 3: Two Receiver Quick Game

The limit of a coach’s two man route combinations is almost endless. From fade-out, to slant-arrow, or even hitch- seam, almost any two man quick game concept can be attached to the backside of a run play. 775 more words

Football Coaching

Developing an RPO Offense Part 2: Single Receiver Quick Passing Game Concepts 

The first RPO offensive schemes were stretched out versions of the triple option in the shotgun. When Urban Meyer was at the University of Utah from 2003 to 2004, I remember watching his offense with amazement. 730 more words

Football Coaching

Two-Way Street

The coaching life is funny. It’s a two-way street. A coach has much to offer the players and, if the coach pays attention and nurtures relationships, so much more to gain from the players. 405 more words


The Best Years?

There’s a nugget of life advice often given to high school kids, particularly high school athletes. A nugget that is so off-the-rails I cannot believe it has survived… 563 more words


Coaching Within The Benson Community Project.

Whats happening people, been a while since i’ve blogged about anything coaching related. So I thought i’d spend part of my evening talking about a recent coaching experience. 434 more words

Coventrians Youth U15s - Pre Season

As mentioned in my introductory post, I manage a local grassroots football team in my home city of Coventry. In this post, I will talk about the team’s pre-season and discuss the changes that have occurred from last season. 1,272 more words


Chase Perfection ... 100%

When it comes to effort, 100% is IT…. it is the gold standard…. perfect… perfection… totally and completely spent…. nothing more to give…. everything… 181 more words