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Moneyball (with no money)

I absolutely loved the film Moneyball. I really enjoy reading the articles about Brentford FC or the Danish Club FC Midtjylland about how they are using a totally new ways to evaluate players and tactically prepare themselves for their games. 827 more words

How you can be more creative

I can’t go on Twitter for more than a few minutes without coming across a ‘must see’ video or an ‘every Coach should read this’ 589 more words

Fixed Mindset & Relative Age Effect together

This blog is about one of my coaching adventures with ‘fixed mindsets’, the ‘relative age effect’ as well as a few other phrases that make me sound really clever. 1,079 more words

How the 10,000 Hour Rule helped me

In the last few days I had a short discussion about Coaches asking players to pass and follow your pass in training exercises because you wouldn’t want your players to do that on game day. 553 more words

Falling in Love

Falling in Love with football.
We sat down recently and planned our Jack Collison Summer camps and after going through all the important stuff like where we should meet for breakfast, which local pubs had a beer garden for the debrief afterwards and whether we needed vests in the hot weather we got onto the conversation about what coaching the really young kids of 6,7 and 8 years old is all about. 668 more words


How to survive 'The Parents'

This season I had a chat with an U11 Coach who had been having problems fielding a full side at the weekends due to various unforeseen reasons. 733 more words