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Join Us For Waffle Bowl 2016! Live During Superbowl 50

Just when you thought we were done posting waffles – we’re coming back with a waffle vengeance. Someone got a terrible idea to spend the Super Bowl pressing fabulous things in our new waffle iron. 32 more words


Husker Themed Couples Shower

If you are not a Husker fan then you clearly don’t live in a Nebraska. Nebraskans bleed Husker red–I mean, everyone bleeds red– but this is even more serious than real blood. 1,053 more words

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Get ready for the Superbowl!  Here are some creative ways to jazz up your food table. Embellish your serving containers with sport trinkets and garlands. You can use ribbon to color coordinate bottles and cap them with helmets and whistles for a eye-catching display. Serve snacks in megaphone containers.

Party Decoration

How to Build a Snackadium (Snack Stadium)

A couple of “big games” ago I made a Snackadium for the small group that meets at our house. We watched the game and did Bible study during half time. 854 more words


super bowl decorations

I’m sorry to say that I’m not a big football fan.  If the truth be told, I only watch ONE game a season…yes, that game would be the Super Bowl!   362 more words

Bring on the Avocado and Be Super-Bowl-Ready with Food and Drinks

The first month of 2016 is coming to a close.

Everyone is gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday. Do you know when the most avocados are sold? 369 more words

Super Bowl Sunday!

Since I love football, I always get pretty excited for the Super Bowl each year. From the game, to the snacks, to sharing the evening with friends and family; it is just a great day. 314 more words

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