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Sack the board, sack the board, sack the board...

I got my hands on my first Newcastle season ticket at the age of 10. My first hero was Imre Varadi, despite his habit of missing nine out of ten chances. 1,578 more words

Post three – Asian Cup: Uzbekistan vs. North Korea

Being a fan of football and random events, I got myself a ticket for the Asian Cup Group B match of Uzbekistan vs. DPR Korea. In truth, I wasn’t expecting a sumptuous feast footballing talent, but the opportunity to attend an international football tournament (and my aforementioned fondness for the arbitrary)  drew me in. 321 more words


Rehabilitation is not a dirty word

Let me make one thing clear right at the start – rape is an appalling crime and among the most serious, in my opinion, since it usually involves a more powerful person abusing a person less physically able to defend him or herself. 515 more words

Political Correctness

'Vak 410'-members and the changing meaning of hooliganism in the Amsterdam Arena

By Charlotte Prenen

Football is a sport that can bring people together. Every week people come together with a shared love for football. It is a sport that can evoke different emotions, from happiness to pride, sadness to even resentment and hate. 4,689 more words