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Urban Cowboy Remake In The Works (photos)

Saddle up, after 35 years Fox has tapped Craig Brewer to script a potential comeback for Bud and Sissy!

Take yourself back to 1980… I know y’all remember John Travolta as a young cowboy seeking love in the back yard of Bull Country at Gilley’s.  188 more words


Inspiring and Capturing Moments

Welcome back to yet another blog update and it looks as if we are getting more popular by the week. The more readers we have the better, it means we can boast about our students achievements, tell and show the world how good they are. 812 more words


MCM Comic Con: May 2015

I have juuuuuust about recovered from the latest MCM Comic Con in London, one of Team Footloose‘s regular events, so it seemed the right time to post a round-up of everything that went on. 621 more words

Sunday Post - #queerpop and other updates

Good morning! Updates on stuff today!

Thank you all very much for giving #queerpop a warm welcome last Tuesday! I’ve given the project a mention on my About page and a page of its own, to be expanded as I incorporate regular features within the column and things like that. 320 more words

Pop Culture

Kenny Loggins - Famous singer/songwriter - Known best for his movie soundtracks

He is known for his soft rock songs, beginning in the 1970’s. Kenneth Clark “Kenny” Loggins is an American singer/songwriter and guitarist. Kenny was originally a part of the duo… 774 more words

Music Bio

Radio 52, side A, track 3: "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins, #72 on The Top 90 of the '80s

Oh, Kenny Loggins, if someone would have told me that this song was going to be one of the songs that was considered the Top 90 of the ’80s, my response would have been:  “No shit, Sherlock.” 297 more words


The keen eye!

The thing with photography is you start visualising frames everywhere, every blade of grass, every bit of cloud, every wrinkle on a face you see, you imagine framing them, you imagine capturing them in the stillness of your camera. 37 more words