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3AM Eternal: Deniece Williams, "Let's Hear It For The Boy" (1984)

This song isn’t exactly one you’d associate with the Hallowe’en era. Believe me, though, for me, it most certainly is.

It is Spring Break, 1984. I am ten years old. 296 more words

Three AM Eternal

This Bad Movie - Footloose

Check your nostalgia at the door, you old farts, because this one is going to hurt. Footloose is the WORST 80’s film I have ever seen and you’d be hard-pressed to convince me that it’s not a top 5 stinker of all time. 1,309 more words


Below The Bible Belt Minisode - Weirdos: The Prequel

In which we time-trip a few months into the past, to visit the magical moment when universes collided and Cody Alft first met Merce’ Mueller. Try to spot the Stan Lee cameo in this cross-over, as they talk unnecessary TV remakes, favorite chick flicks, Iron Man where Iron Man does not belong, and whether or not Merce’s brother has some serious McConaughey feels.  16 more words


How I Converse

Heels and skirts I wear at times

But that’s just nickels and dimes

T- shirts and jeans are my bills

Showing my swagger and my skillz… 33 more words


NEWS: Footloose starring Gareth Gates - tickets on sale now

Everybody Cut Loose as the explosive Rock ‘n’ Roll musical Footloose bursts on to the stage in 2016. Based on the 1980s hit movie, Footloose tells the story of city boy Ren who has to move to a rural backwater in America where dancing is banned. 63 more words


Savor Healthy Success! Disco Daily

When we are always sitting and staring at the internet and TV, we become stiff. Here’s a quick tip you can get up and do it. 14 more words