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Name That Tune

Last Friday afternoon, a patron walked into my office and asked if I’m a rock music aficionado. Unsure if he wanted to ask a trivia question, sell me some vintage vinyl, or maybe start a Styx cover band, I tentatively answered that I’m not an aficionado, but I’m generally familiar with rock and/or roll. 672 more words

Benbrook Library

'Our time to dance!' 

Yes, a shameless quote from the iconic movie – Footloose. #iloveKevinBacon as well as an extract from Ecclesiastes.

Now I’m am not the most religious of people, I have my faith but I normally keep it to myself, and a lot of the time I rely on my own moral compass to steer me in the right direction. 336 more words

Review: Footloose

An 80s classic, this is one of my favorite movies. The soundtrack and the themes presented in “Footloose” are riveting, thought-provoking and simply marvelous. While I still believe the acting in the 80s as opposed to acting now differs quite a bit- I feel like there’s a different presentation of some emotions- I still feel like this cast handled some dramatic ideas with finesse and grace. 340 more words

Media Update 11/10/2016


I had seen ads for this show when I first got into Once Upon a Time and since they were both on ABC I mistakenly thought they were connected further. 829 more words



Whenever you read (or such) something here, feel free to understand that there’s a reasonable chance that I’m wearing these (or future versions of such), if that helps. 75 more words

Entertain You?

The Blob (1988)

This is that rare exception, the sequel that is often hailed as being better than the original.

Mind you, despite its popularity – and iconic status – the original version wasn’t one of the better films of the fifties Sci Fi boom.   277 more words

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Saturday Songs #20: Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler

I often talk about how the 1980s was the definitive decade for great movie soundtracks and Footloose is a prime example. The album gave us Kenny Loggins’ title track, Deniece Williams’ 399 more words