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Actor Spotlight: Rachel Haimowitz

Need a little extra push, like Rachel? Well, consider yourself invited to one of the last two shows of Footloose!

PP:  This is your first time on stage here… What prompted you to audition for Footloose? 659 more words

La Cuisine Marocaine

While I was in Morocco, I had an opportunity to spend some days of my vacation with a Moroccan family, not only once, but three times. 594 more words


The Unintentional Good (re: Footloose)

Sometimes the best part of a movie isn’t always the part we’re supposed to remember. Footloose is the story of Ren McCormack, a city boy who moves to the town of Bomont where all dancing has been banned. 1,024 more words


"Neon Ballroom" by Silverchair

Have you ever listened to an album you’ve heard a thousand times and then for some reason, all of a sudden it sounds new again?  This happened to me recently when I listened to Silverchair’s third album “Neon Ballroom.”  It brought me back to a very specific moment in my life that I had almost forgotten about.   902 more words


Actor Spotlight: Mike Yow as Reverend Shaw Moore

Reverand Shaw Moore, though he may be easily pegged as the antagonist, is played by a favorite on the Parkway Playhouse stage: Mike Yow. 334 more words

Actor Spotlight: Olivia Morgan

Olivia loves musical theatre and she adores being on stage, but even though she’s been in many shows over the years, she always brings something new.   240 more words

Actor Spotlight: Myra McCoury as Rusty

As someone who loves to dance, this was one musical that Myra McCoury was not going to be a wallflower for! 255 more words