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Out and About Art, Episode #1 (June 2015)

Polk County transit and Polk Vision hosted their third annual Art in Transit event, using the Polk County bus terminals as a venue to highlight local artists. 57 more words


Guild Activity: Footloose

Who says this guild isn’t active? I’ll have you know that each and every one of us does aerobic exercises to stay in shape! Sometimes you just need to dance off some steam and that is exactly what Morpheus O and Improbable Girl were up to last night.

Party on guildies!

2015 Reading Challenge

Happy Friday little birds!

As you can see, no videos. I think I’m going to give up on the attempt for now. My computer has decided it doesn’t want to make them and has declared I have no camera attached. 104 more words


Testing, testing... check one, two, three...

The thing about a brand new website is, you can exercise your imagination and think of the smell of fresh ink… A freshly clicked image isn’t too far either. 28 more words

Prom Night In|Movie List

I’m excited yet sad to be doing my last prom post, but at last prom season is coming to an end and so is my prom post series. 850 more words


10 famous movie dance finales, ranked

Every dance movie has its dance. Sometimes, those scenes are worth the other hour and twenty-five minutes of footage‚Ķand sometimes they’re not. We rewatched some of the most notable¬†dance scenes in cinematic history to see if they stand the test of time. 655 more words

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Father and Son?

Hopefully, tonight we see this goal:

Followed by this celebration:

Us Mens National Team