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Catholic means..

..never having to find some other apostolate.  We are always Held (captive by grace) between a Rock and a Peter of Alcantara.

The difference between radical Catholics and other Catholics is only that some of us are doing our anointed job.  457 more words


Enabling and Using Footprints in Solibri Model Checker

As a feature within Solibri Model Checker, “Footprints” displays a 2D background of the architectural model that is loaded. This background consists of tracings of architectural components, most importantly doors, windows, and walls.  418 more words


5 easy ways to become more eco-friendly

Everyday I strive to be more eco-friendly. Here are 5 tricks I’ve learned!

1. Recycle egg cartons
The co-op and natural foods store in my neighborhood both take old egg cartons to use distribute eggs in the store! 216 more words


UNDO Laces

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Overview: The shoe is one of the most environmentally damaging items we wear due the raw materials used and intensity of manufacturing processes. 145 more words



You are what you Speak I have often wondered at the phrase “you are what you eat” – makes for interesting imagining, but all jokes aside, I think it’s more true that You are what you Speak. 541 more words