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edited by Jodi Summers

National Geographic has come up with a very entertaining app that takes you through your weekly water usage.

By plugging information about your home, yard, diet, energy, and consumer choices the app calculates your water usage compared to the average American. 65 more words

Footprints in the mountains

It was not so easy to walk in the snow… You can see my deep footprints. I love mountains in winter!

Buy it on my personal website : … 13 more words


Earth Day

Earth Day 1970, New York (AP Photo)


Earth Day, April 22, is an annual event demonstrating support for environmental protection and conservation. It aims to raise awareness about environmental issues including waste, pollution, loss of wilderness, the extinction of wildlife, and climate change. 671 more words

I've Given up Much More than the Average American, and still I'm told to give up more

It’s always more, more, more with people. They are never satisfied until you are wasted away to nonexistence. That is the attitude in America. Oh, it’s ok that they recieve all the splendor and not share it. 461 more words