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Going vegan: Taking responsibility over my footprint, my animal consumption, and my health

A mentality that won’t take us anywhere, that will prolong pain and environmental damage is that of the mentality of “somebody else’s problem”.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it – 175 more words


Backpack baby

Imagine you are have been given custody of a child for a short time. You have been tasked by the agency that within this time you are to prepare this baby for the biggest thing they will ever have to face. 124 more words


Everyone’s footprint, like their fingerprint, is unique and individual. Today, I was talking with a friend about famous singers and how ofttimes, their children try to fill their shoes.  403 more words

Writing And Music

My Footprint

Ecological footprint measures the demand on ecosystem goods and services (measured by land) required to sustain our way of living, from how and what we consume to how the planet absorbs our waste. 457 more words


Teaching in a Digital World

Digital Identities & Digital Security

What information are we sharing?  And who are we really sharing with?  Building and protecting our student’s online identity is a major concern for teachers today.  378 more words

Perfectly Flawed

There will be punctuation errors, grammatical errors and all that English appalls…

I’ve found that insight is a gift irrespective of skill. – EUK 👣

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My Footprint

Going in, I knew my footprint was going to be bad. I commute from Seattle every week in my old, not very efficient car. However, when put into perspective of the overshoot day, and how many Earth’s I use, I was stunned. 260 more words