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Smaller Footprint, Less Impact

Environmentalists, deeply embedded in the heated debate over drilling within the Arctic National Wildlife refuge, are up at arms mostly because of the negative effects drill sites render upon the environment and the indigenous creatures that live and migrate across this large Alaskan expanse….

Oh Mai!

Love at first sight.

As a sneakerfreaker you’re always looking for the next release, sneaker, new brands etc. For some time now I’ve been looking for my next cop. 110 more words


Un hero noir de tous les jours, Une mère celibataire.

Peut importe son âge, une femme qui decide de garder son enfant ne devrait pas recevoir moins de respect ou un traitement rigoureux parce qu’elle reste une mère. 300 more words


An everyday black hero, a single mother

Whether her age, a woman who decide to keep a child in her womb should not receive less respect or a different treatment because she is still a mother. 261 more words


Using a baby hand and footprint as a Gift

I am sure that you have been in a situation where you didn’t know what to get for your parents or your mom and dad in law. 461 more words


Love Endures

As our time is brief,

engage your life to ensure

your love will endure.


3,000 year Old Child Footprints Discovered

ysterious, 3,000-year-old footprints of ancient Egyptian children have emerged alongside rare painting fragments, at what appears to be the site of a royal palace or temple. 180 more words