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Trash Talking - Compost Edition

Let’s talk about composting! That’s a real conversation starter. I bet everyone getting ready to go to a party or out on a Friday night thinks to themselves “Man! 712 more words


something I just can't stop thinking about...

This morning I heard something. Something I can’t stop thinking about.

A friend of mine attended a funeral, and he overheard a conversation. A man was talking about something he heard on the radio. 618 more words


Carbon Positive World Tour

One of the goal of the Beautiful World Tour was to visit the World without leaving a trace.

To do so, we had to offset our Global Carbon footprint… 465 more words



My sister wanted me to make her a logo for fun, her only request was to involve a dog, cat, and bird somehow. I got the idea to combine all their foot/paw prints into one image, and have each stand out by making them a varying shade of gray. 95 more words


Hazel 👣

Last week I had Hazel’s footprint tattooed onto my forearm and I absolutely love it.

I was going to have her date of birth put on as well but my arms are too small for where I wanted it to go but I can always have it added at a later date if I decide to do so. 60 more words


Dinosaur Footprint Sugar Cookies

I’ve seen a number of dinosaur footprint cookies on Pinterest. I have a dino obsessed 2 ½  year old, so, dinosaurs are the coolest thing in the world. 500 more words


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Feet from Around the World

A collection of artistically-interpreted feet from around the world, but mostly Asia, where they are more significant.

In Viviero, Spain, the bloody feet of the Madonna.

89 more words
Cee's Fun Foto Challenge