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Berlin: Outside

The first trip of 2017 has been made! Like last year I’ve visited Berlin Fashion Week and all of my favourite shops in this amazing city.  85 more words


The Elephant Guru

Having grown up on an elephant trekking camp in Thailand herself, Lek intuitively knew the wrongdoing of elephant entertainment. Despite its means for sustainability, Lek chose a different route, even if that meant letting go of her family and friends.

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The Footprint of You

Everyone leaves a footprint here on earth.  What kind will you leave? Is it the kind that will wash away in the next storm or will it stay? 47 more words


Dreams of Dragons

An untold story about Halong Bay in Vietnam, a Unesco World Heritage site claiming to grant conversational protection. Behind the scenes, they have kicked out hundreds of water villages that have been passed down through streams of generations and legends.



one steps in the other
or the other hops over it
on the left foot

Philosophy Of Jos

Footprint Snowman Craft

I am so in love with how these turned out!! I painted the bottom of the child’s foot and helped them place it on the paper. 66 more words


Pretty trees among ugliness!!!

Bangalore, Busy street, stuck traffic and so much pollution that we can not breath normally and can’t not see a smile on anyone’s face and if we can just bother to look there are these beautiful colourful trees every where. 15 more words