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Foozle  is a verb meaning to manage or play awkwardly; bungle.

Keith watched his daughter’s soccer team foozle their way through a 10- 0 loss.

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October 1st - Foozle

Foozle – v: to manage or play awkwardly: bungle

Out of the corner of my eye Daisy, my tenacious eleven-year-old, foozled with an ancient pair of knitting needles and clumsy ball of dime store yarn. 279 more words

365 Words Challenge

N.S.A. Program Gathers Data on a Third of Nation’s Calls, Officials Say

Democracies spying with secretive ops

Reminds me of Mack Sennett’s old Keystone Kops.

There’s hurly, and burly, and plenty of daft

Capers by clerks who just foozle spy craft. 66 more words


Don't foozle it!

There’s no time like the first time
To get the job done right.
To bungle it will cause distress
It’s not a pretty sight.

A job done well is best by far – 81 more words

100 Word Challenge

Witness Statement

Lord Overton started it by declaring that Davidia was a ridiculous name, not realising it was Lord Laketon’s wife’s name. Laketon threw his glass of port at Overton, but missed. 85 more words

Flash Fiction

Foozles and Futility

The Escapist has a good article up on Foozles; those Big Bad end bosses in the majority of RPGs.  Certainly, there is a place for a Big Bad villain to serve as a strong antagonist in a narrative, but what can you do without one? 438 more words

Game Design