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Tech Week Has Destroyed My Brain

An explanation for stupid.

As I sit here staring blankly at my computer screen, wondering why I am unable to string three words together, I wonder how I am still functioning at all. 302 more words

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Using an Audition Pack to Improve Your Casting.

Auditions bring out the Idiot in us. Whether we’re actors dealing with nerves, creatives listening to the same audition song 100 times over or company management directing nervous auditionees front of house, the process can be trying. 939 more words

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Move Your Bloomin' Posterior!

“We’ve always done it this way!”

Don’t you love that phrase? There’s also “Younger people don’t want to do anything in our company!” “They don’t stick around; they don’t commit.” You’ve either heard these phrases or, worse still, said them. 860 more words

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You're Male, You're Breathing, You're In!

Why it’s tougher for women in community theatre.

There’s a joke in community theatre that men only have to be breathing to get into a cast. 608 more words

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Cats, Leggings and Stink Worthy Auditions.

It was my home town’s turn for the national auditions for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s brand new musical “Cats” and I was excited. I had been learning singing for 2 years and at 18, I was ready for my big break. 588 more words

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6 ways to prepare for your best audition.

After sitting through hundreds of community theatre auditions I’ve found that there is a definite secret to success – preparation.  Those who have researched their character, the show, know their music, present themselves properly and are professional in their attitude are remembered by the Audition Panel. 847 more words

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