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A Structure for the Mental Game of Archery

As I have mentioned (ad nauseum?), I am working on a major book on the mental game of archery. This is a long term project as I have too many other things on my plate to devote all of my time to this one project. 472 more words

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An Archer's Focus: Internal or External?

I realize that I haven’t written about this much (or at all?) and since it is a major part of the mental game I should get started. 857 more words

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The Problem of The Creeping Archers

This blog post’s title is an homage to Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes. (Why? Because I can!)

I got an email from a student (Recurve Barebow, Right-handed) who brought up the phenomenon of creeping. 1,272 more words

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Why Archers Need to Absolutely Positively Write Things Down

Note This is a follow-up to “The Post Tournament Review Process”

I have to begin by saying that I have known a great many archers who were far better archers than I was who did not follow this advice. 1,454 more words

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The Post Tournament Review Process

What do you do at the end of a tournament? If you are like I was, you would pack your gear, thank the tournament officials for their hard work, get in your car and drive home, thinking about anything but archery, if possible. 561 more words

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The Ideal Practice Facility

I am writing a book, tentatively titled “Accelerated Archery,” which has the tag “how to get good, really good, fast” and one of the critical aspects of achieving archery excellence in a short amount of time is having a training facility available, one in which one can shoot safety and is available at least six days a week. 560 more words

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We Just Keep Getting Better ... Or Do We?

I was just reminded that Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby horse race in 1973, setting a track record that still stands. I remember seeing that horse’s races on TV, they were outstanding performances. 361 more words

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