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Chicken Broth 

One of the essential backup plans for meals is my homemade chicken broth. I’ll freeze them in my breastmilk bags (I bought a ton of them back in Bangkok) and each time I need to cook something healthy for Z, I use this. 114 more words

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Playground Fun | Blk 55 Stratemore Road

Finally met up with Beth and these 2 had a blast. Z loves playing with her and I pray that these 2 will continue to be good friends as they get older. 63 more words

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A place where kids and creativity combined. I ran out of ideas this weekend to entertain Z when I recalled this particular place. We went to the Farmers market a couple of months back and stumbled upon this centre. 247 more words

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Did you know that the Umbilical Cord's blood can save a life?

We all know that the umbilical cord is the cord that connects the baby and the mother for nourishment. The umbilical cord is comprised of arteries, and a vein under a gelatinous substance called the Wharton’s jelly. 579 more words


Shortlist of the most talked about products

Here is my wish list of products for baby that all the blogs seem to be raving about…

Ewan the Dream Sheep

Ewan is a very expensive night light and white noise machine. 184 more words


Welcome Tiger

KM and I have always wanted a pet for Z. And adoption is a key component. We wanted to adopt a pet rather than buy one from the pet shops. 168 more words

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