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When I see MC talk of his academic failures, I sit a bit stunned by his belief in that evaluation. I think of his fear of his mom when he placed second at the district spelling bee and how he thought of himself as a “loser” for coming in second. 342 more words

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The false "positive"

Recovery Nation then said: Consider the POSITIVE role that addiction has played in your life. What purposes has it served (think short-term, not long)? Understanding the functional role of your addiction is important in removing the power, mystery and fear from that addiction — to begin seeing it in terms of practicality, rather than as some kind of supernatural fate or disease that you are doomed to suffer. 225 more words

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Remembering two important lessons 

Now Recovery Nation says to describe how I have integrated recent lessons into my daily life.

These lessons really go back four years. My most recent post here reminds me of two important lessons. 158 more words

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Health Monitoring 

I’m back to blogging. I apologize for the long absence. In the aftermath of moving to a new house and new job, I really didn’t do a good job of sticking with the soul-searching and blogging. 361 more words

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Masculinity and self-doubt

I had long struggled with doubts about my masculinity, particularly before D-day.  But, when I tried to discuss it with people they thought I was worrying about being feminine, homosexual, or androgynous.   380 more words

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We talk of how MC suffers from SOB syndrome. Yes, partially it is making fun, but it is also reality. He was a Selfish Oppressive Bastard and we have a very specific description of what that means that is foundational to his recovery. 943 more words

For Both

Relaxing Full Body Massage & Moroccan Bath from Five Elements Spa

Relaxing one hour full body massage. Or Moroccan bath also 4 hand massage available by ladies therapist starting from only AED 69. Valid for men or women only from Five Elements Spa… 135 more words