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A Pence for your thoughts

Ok, all, I’ve been seeing much to-do about VP Pence, his wife and their agreement to not have a meal alone with a person of the opposite sex, nor to attend functions where alcohol is featured without the other also in attendance. 156 more words

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Unconditional Love

I am a fan of ChumpLady and find value in so much of what she writes. She recently wrote on unconditional love. Though I respect her greatly and completely understand the source of her perspective, I personally feel that too many people on all sides of this issue are misconstruing the meaning and intent of “unconditional love.” 561 more words

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What's wrong with Esther Perel?

Here is a new Economist article on Esther Perel that makes her views on infidelity much more clear than previous things I’ve seen posted to infidelity blogs and forums. 4,449 more words

Our Story


When I see MC talk of his academic failures, I sit a bit stunned by his belief in that evaluation. I think of his fear of his mom when he placed second at the district spelling bee and how he thought of himself as a “loser” for coming in second. 342 more words

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Courage, Persistence, Perspective, Resilience 

The other day TL and I struggled to find the right labels for the next set of underlying problems I must tackle. In simple terms, it seems my problems are that I am too pessimistic and that I give up too easily. 263 more words

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The false "positive"

Recovery Nation then said: Consider the POSITIVE role that addiction has played in your life. What purposes has it served (think short-term, not long)? Understanding the functional role of your addiction is important in removing the power, mystery and fear from that addiction — to begin seeing it in terms of practicality, rather than as some kind of supernatural fate or disease that you are doomed to suffer. 225 more words

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Remembering two important lessons 

Now Recovery Nation says to describe how I have integrated recent lessons into my daily life.

These lessons really go back four years. My most recent post here reminds me of two important lessons. 158 more words

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